Trailer Review: Brave, Pixar’s newest fairytale.

Holy Hair, they’ve done it again!  I’ve always been a fan of the delicate intricacies in Pixar’s animations, but this time they’ve really blown it out of the water. Regardless of how you feel about the plot, which seems to have its ups and downs, (young protagonist challenging their fate against all odds…) you have to admit that this trailer is gorgeous. From the nearly painterly landscapes to the highly stylized characters, (did I mention their HAIR!) Pixar shows us they’re still committed to proving that animation is not just a revenue engine (insert DreamWorks quip here,) but an art form which should be appreciated and cherished.

The nice thing about this trailer is that from this quick glimpse we are given into fantastical Scottish highlands, we are able to gather all the things we love about Pixar films: beautiful animation, uplifting tales, the occasional butt joke. Yet Brave seems to have something different. While Wall-e somehow managed to make the destruction of earth and near end of humanity adorable and UP made poaching, child-abduction and near-extinction hysterical, Brave seems to be dancing along the line from uplifting family film into a slightly darker realm. The voice-over in the beginning is evidence enough that something more serious is lurking beneath the film’s lighthearted exterior, which has the potential to become a captivating departure from Pixar’s previous films.

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