News: Final Prometheus Trailer Tease

**UPDATE 12.22.11** The full trailer is now live! Watch it past the jump.

I have a confession to make. Whatever scheming Fox has done to hype up Ridley Scott’s 2012 film, Prometheus, is working on me. Big time. After watching all the “Prometheus Trailer prequels” counting down to the actual trailer, I’m so excited for this god damned movie I want to stab myself. It also doesn’t help that I’m a huge slut for sci-fi mysticism and creation myths, and according to the grape-vine, this film is going bring the protagonists face-to-face with a glimpse at the answer to one of man kinds most haunting questions: where did we come from?

On an even nerdier note, I have to say I am really digging this sci-fi trend that is taking the horror/space genres and using it as a catalyst to explain the entirety of humanity’s unanswered questions. Is there a god, and if so, what is it? Where did life begin? What is our role in the universe? Genre audiences are being challenged with far more complex questions in recent films, and even in gaming too. The Sci-Fi / Horror video game Dead Space deals with many similar trends. Body mutilating aliens, ancient unexplained markers with the ability to create and corrupt life. It’s almost a homage to Scott’s Alien, and its nice to see that the franchise is coming back to its heavy hitting- genre challenging origins.

Yet regardless of how overwhelmed I am, I can’t say I was always excited about the idea of there being a prequel to Alien, especially considering Hollywoods recent mantra to dredge up anything, and I mean ANYTHING in order to make a buck, Universal’s The Thing “prequel” anyone? But the new course this film appears to be taking really has me excited. It’s consoling to know that, at least in theory, the film is only taking place in the Alien universe, and is not actually related to any of the earlier films.

However I am still a bit wary that Scott is supposedly going to delve into the back story of the infamous “Space Jockey.”  For me, one of the most amazing parts of the first Alien film was watching the protagonists stumble their way through the derelict ruins of a mysterious spacecraft. In this short, haunting sequence, the viewers are given a brief glimpse into an expansive unknowable universe. There’s no back story, no explanation, and the characters themselves barely address the hulking skeleton (with an ominous hole in its ribcage) seated at the center of the ship. The viewers mind is allowed to wander, creating so many questions and thinking of so many possibilities that there can’t ever be an acceptable explanation that captures all the fear the unanswered corpse created.

Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’re getting the same vibe as me.

Trailer 1


Final Trailer

Full Trailer!

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