A Brief Interview With Nailbiter Director Patrick Rea

As a follow-up to his essay on Nailbiter, contributor Shawn Francis contacted director Patrick Rea, who was kind enough to do a short interview for us.  To find out how Nailbiter came to be, when you’ll get a chance to see the flick, and a few other tidbits about Rea’s up-and-coming career, read below.


YWC:  What was the genesis of the story?

PATRICK REA:  Ironically, I had a moment when I was 16 where two high school buddies and I ran to a random house during a tornado. We ended up staying in this basement with an elderly couple who had no idea who we were. I thought it would be interesting to make a horror movie out of that idea. Kendal Sinn and I then came up with the story and made it a monster movie.

YWC:  Are you a fan, or have ever read, H.P. Lovecraft? I only ask because the movie feels VERY Lovecraftian. It reminds me of his short story, THE LURKING FEAR.

REA:  I am a fan of Lovecraft. I never really intended to homage Lovecraft with the film, but I do enjoy his work, and always appreciated his ability to create scares from NOT showing what’s lurking in the dark corners.

YWC:  What made you call the movie NAILBITER? I can’t imagine it being called anything else for it certainly is one.

REA:  The title felt right. It immediately gets your attention. Plus it directly connects to the film and the creatures.

YWC:  The ending is certainly left open, will there be a continuation of the mythos in another movie?

REA:  Absolutely. Our plan was to make a series out of these films. We wanted to leave people wanting more. We are writing the sequel right now.

YWC:  I applaud you for going practical with the monster FX, what was the reasoning behind using that method as opposed to CGI?

REA:  I don’t like the look of CGI in comparison to practical effects when it comes to creatures. I really wanted to do something more old-fashioned and not rely on CGI accept when it came to the tornado, which obviously we couldn’t do practical. Haha.

YWC:  Any immediate plans to put this on DVD and/or blu-ray?

REA:  We have a sales agent and are in talks with several distributors. We hope to have more definitive answers soon. The film will also be hitting the festival circuit in the coming months.

YWC:  Any upcoming projects you want to talk about?

REA:  I have a longer short film titled Rhino starring Malcolm Goodwin (Breakout Kings) and Keith Loneker (Lakeview Terrace), which is in post-production right now. The film is a drama thriller about pot dealers in a small college town. We are also working on our next feature Buzz Kill which is a horror comedy about a dangerous energy drink. Of course we have Nailbiter 2 on our agenda as well.


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