The Amazing Spider-Man: The Untold Story Trailer Shows Promise

Yesterday a group of New Yorkers who didn’t have anywhere to be for three hours in the middle of the day were treated to a sneak peek of the new The Amazing Spider-Man trailer in 3-D and a bonus extra long trailer, featuring eight minutes of unfinished footage from the upcoming film. While similar events were happening in thirteen different theaters around the globe, the NYC audience also got to see live footage of director Mark Webb addressing the Los Angeles audience, Emma Stone in Rio de Janeiro, and Ryan Ifans in London. Then Andrew Garfield strolled in to thank everyone for coming. The film comes out July 3rd of this year.

The Untold Story took on a new meaning for a nice handful of the guests who had not understood the somewhat misleading phrasing of the invitation, taking it to be an advance screening, not just a trailer. I was pretty entertained by the handful of raving lunatics heckling the poor security guys about their displeasure, but I’m sure everyone was pacified by the appearance of the star, except the hordes of people who didn’t get in. For them, there was free popcorn, further screenings of the trailer and footage, and mountains of sadness.

Despite the eight minutes of footage being unfinished, it showed quite a bit of promise. When I say unfinished, I mean visible blue screen and incomplete CGI. We got a little more time with the Lizard, which I appreciated. The few bits of action were fun, but considering what they were lacking, the real treat was actually the character driven bits. This included a flirtatious conversation between Peter Parker and Gwen, and a nice look at Peter goofing off with his newly acquired powers. Basically, it made Andrew Garfield look like a fantastic Spider-Man, incorporating more of the nerdy goofiness that caused many to love Parker in the first place. And Ryan Ifans is going to make a sick Lizard.

I went into the sneak peek feeling somewhat apathetic about a reboot of a franchise that had its last film less than 5 year prior, but I have to admit, I’m definitely intrigued now. There’s always the nagging fear that this thing I want to love is just another Hollywood product aimed at the Twilight obsessed youth, but Marvel films have, for the most part, done right by comic book culture. I like Raimi’s Spider-Man films, but it’s a character that’s been around for so many decades and has gone through so many rebirths and transformations, the argument that this remake is unwarranted falls flat.

After only eight minutes, no one can quite say what’s in store for this new incarnation of Spidey and his fans. So far, it’s looking pretty alright to me.

Check out The Amazing-Spider Man: The Untold Story trailer below.

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