Glory To The New Bourne Thing: Bourne Legacy Trailer Released

The writer of the original Bourne series, Tony Gilroy, has created a parallel storyline to the Robert Ludlum saga with his new film, The Bourne Legacy. Jeremy Renner has been casts as the new film’s “Jason Bourne,” in an ominous montage which reveals that, in this universe at least, Jason Bourne was not a man, but rather a class of assassin. While I’m a little skeptical about there being hundreds of little Jason Bournes running around, the teaser shows some promise. Aside from the fight scenes appearing as if they are retaining some of the gritty intensity that made the original series so great, it seems like Renner will be unleashing his CIA murder skills alongside the likes of Edward Norton, Joan Allen, Albert Finney and Rachel Weisz.

Yet despite all this, I’m really not sure if I’m actually excited to see this film. Being the first in the franchise without Matt Damon, and more importantly not based off a Ludlum novel leaves me wary of the films quality, especially considering hollywood’s addiction to making pointless sequels to everything.

But in the end I don’t really have a choice in the matter. Whether or not I really want to, I’m genetically obligated to see The Bourne Legacy. This is mostly due to the fact that my father probably watches all three Bourne films at least once a week, which has led me to have at least 4 billon secondhand viewings of the films (give or take a few,) and that’s only when I’ve made the time to come visit, so who knows how many time he’s actually watched the franchise.

So, when I heard about this trailer, I felt a deep biological reaction that compelled me to care about this series, even though by all other respects, I probably wouldn’t have given this any mind. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the teaser, I did. The short, disconnected nature of the editing really captured Renner’s clearly distorted character, and to some extend, I do want to figure out why there was some assassin breeding facility somewhere in the U.S

Regardless, whether or not your heritage demands it, you should check out the teaser below. At the very least, it will give you something to do for a few minutes.

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