Will and Jaden Smith To Star In Shyamalan’s After Earth

After a brief two year rest from directing, which we all wish had been longer, M. Night Shyamalan has begun production on his new film, After Earth. After Earth is about a future space family that returns back to earth a thousand years after the human race has fled to the stars. Will Smith plays father to Jaden Smith (which seems familiar for some inexplicable reason, doesn’t it?) who is captured by a rouge group of earthlings. Havoc will undoubtedly ensue, and somehow Zoe Kravits and Sophie Okonedo come into play.

Aside from Jaden smith looking like a bite-sized Will Smith with an equally successful career (lucky little bastard,) this news leaves me wondering. When Will Smith dies, what will happen to Jaden’s career? From the “Just the Two Of Us” music video, to The Pursuit of Happyness, and now this? Will he carry around his father’s corpse to film shoots to maintain their long standing father-son acting career? I hope so.

And second, what sort of mind-blowing plot twist does Shyamalan have in store for us now? Maybe the space family never really left earth and they crash landed in some forest in present day earth? No, wait, that was The Village. Oh, I know, since humans vacated earth (most likely) due to environmental issues, maybe there was some horrific pollution induced plant evolution? Damn it, that was The Happening. Let’s just say that one of them is the devil, and the other was dead the whole time, and leave it at that.

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