Zorro Returns: Gael Garcia Bernal To Star As Space Zorro?

Apparently Fox is re-envisioning the age-old tale of Zorro, casting Gael Garcia Bernal as the masked rapscallion. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is going to be just another Antonio Banderas sex-fest reboot of the Zorro franchise. Fox has something in store for us with their upcoming Zorro Returns; a big twist that will take Zorro to some location far away from the story’s origins.

While Fox hasn’t said anything directly, there’s speculation over at /Film that this new location is… wait for it… SPACE! That may be a slight stretch of the imagination, although something “futuristic” has been suggested. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for space. While I’ll pretty much watch anything with the smoking hot Gael Garcia Bernal in it, the idea of someone prancing around as an intergalactic masked marauder actually has me excited on some deep and embarrassing level. Maybe it will serve as nice cross-over platform where space-cowboys from Firefly can battle the Mexicano Espacio.

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