Lou Dobbs Asks the Tough Questions: Are The Lorax and The Borrowers Communists?

After discovering that Spongebob and Tinky Winky are gay, Muppets are communists, and now The Lorax and The Borrowers are covert occupy wall street operatives, I’m starting to believe there’s a conspiracy team over at Fox News whose sole purpose is to ruin children’s media. All I have to say is, where do I send my resume? If you need writing samples, how about “Dragon Ball Z promotes fisting?” Ok, maybe I suck at this, but it doesn’t change how I wish I could work with some of Fox’s writers.

Apparently this revelation came about on the Lou Dobbs’ show a few days back, where after splicing together several clips of Obama mumbling about “fairness” or whatever, he went on to discuss how the characters in Hayao Miyazaki’s new-ish film, The Secret World of Arrietty are (surprise surprise!) communists. Apparently, the pint-sized people promote Fox’s misconstrued notion of OWS wanting the have-nots to be able to “steal” from the haves, (which is funny considering not only was this film created by a Japanese filmmaker, but the original story on which it was based, The Borrowers, was written back in the 50’s. Only a few years before occupy wall street’s inception).

It’s hard to argue that The Lorax, a Dr. Seuss story about a small creature witnessing the destruction of his beloved forest, isn’t about conservation. But really, what’s so terrible and socialist about a children’s story imploring people to take only what they need, and use things in moderation? Isn’t that something we want our children to learn? And in the end, aren’t all children’s stories supposed to push some sort of message? Things we want all children to understand, like fairness and responsibility?  NAH. Only liberals want that.

Check out the original broadcast below:

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