Salmon Fishing In The Yemen: New Clips & Stills

The internet almost ruined my love of movies. Especially horror films. I had no idea people used mindless entertainment to prove their intellect by politicizing and reading into films about zombies, vampires and chainsaw wielding maniacs. “Horror journalism” managed to suck the life out of horror films  forcing me to rediscover my love of action films and romantic comedies. For some reason the intellectual internet critics leave these type of films alone.

I don’t dislike movies that make you think, or make a social commentary. I just view movies as entertainment first. If a movie fails at this important task I could care less about the cinematography, message it’s trying to portray or other important aspects of the film. I’m not in film school, and I don’t want to have to deconstruct every movie I watch. I also think some movies are just a great way to pass time. Enjoying mindless entertainment doesn’t make you any less smarter.

That’s why I’m excited for Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. It seems like a fun  inspirational romantic comedy. Some people will feel better about themselves if they watch a movie with a word “Yemen” in the title. I know that sounds dumb, but  I worked at an “art theater” for a few months and it’s true. People thought the fantasy film Crash deserved an Oscar over Brokeback Mountain in 2004, and they rioted against Dogville. People don’t like movies that hold a mirror in front of them, they prefer to escape reality with films like Crash.  Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is the feel good movie of 2012 that will give rich jewish ladies an opportunity to feel good about themselves because they watched a movie about brown people. I’m just excited to see Ewan McGregor play a straight person for once.

Check out the poster and some clips below (click poster to see full size image):

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