Frankenweenie Trailer Review: In a world of change, thank god Tim Burton’s there to keep us sane.

IMDB greeted me this morning like it always does; wearing nothing but a revealing apron, carrying a cup of coffee, and presenting it’s usual trio of Featured HD Trailers. While normally something I browse over, something in these trailers stood out as odd. There, sitting neatly beside The Avengers and Some Other Movie That Doesn’t Matter, was a link for the upcoming Tim Burton Disney film, Frankenweenie.

Wait, Frankenweenie? Wasn’t that the short Tim Burton directed like one hundred years ago? Usually I would let a seasoned director re-visiting one of their earliest works slide, but after a spate of remakes or “re-visitations” if that makes you more comfortable, (think Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Alice In Wonderland, Planet of the Apes,) I’m slightly skeptical about his intentions. But hey, considering how I’ve never been right about anything in my life, maybe I was wrong.

The trailer starts out with typical Burton-esque music (which immediately made me think of the Tim Burton Formula College Humor clip which can be viewed Here) Actually, you don’t even need to finish reading this review. That clip pretty much sums the whole trailer experience up.

Frankenweenie Kid, Corpse Bride, Puffs Child. I think they made babby.

But, to add a little bit of my own input…  at this point, is Tim Burton making a homage to himself?  The little boy looks like a smash-up of the Corpse Bride, Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas, and the kids from the puffs commercials. All the sets either look like the graveyard from Nightmare Before Christmas, or the suburb from Edward Scissorhands. In the end: it just looks like another Tim Burton film. Maybe that’s enough to sell people on it, and who knows, I’ll probably end up seeing it, but in the end… when is he going to stop making the same thing?

Which one's which?

View Trailer Below:

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