News: Paramount to Re-Invent Tom Sawyer

Despite all my bitterness about the popularity of “re-envisioning” going on in hollywood, all remakes are not bad. John Carpenter’s The Thing, for all intents and purposes, was a remake of the 1950’s film The Thing From Another World. Taking one successful thing and remaking it for the sake of getting a quick buck will never yield anything of any quality. John Carpenter had taken something that inspired him and remade it in his own unique way, bringing a new perspective to an already powerful idea. The writers of the new “Tom Sawyer” on the other hand, have decided instead to take everything terrible about Hollywood and infuse it into the timeless Mark Twain classic. Perfect.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The storyline is being kept under wraps, but the project is described as a re-imagining in the vein of Snow White and the Huntsman, focusing on Sawyer and Finn as adults. There also are supernatural elements to the script.”

Wait, what? They’re doing WHAT? Who makes a movie “in the vein” of a movie that’s not even out yet?

“In the vein” of Snow White and the Huntsman might just be an assumption by the journalist that the two are going to be similar, unless those words came from the press release. In which case they are trying to sell the film using a film that isn’t out yet. Let alone a film that looks like an abortion! Supernatural elements? I don’t have to say anything else. Honestly, after the abysmal Little Red Riding Hood adaptation, I don’t know why anyone is making movies in that “vein”.

All I know is that this film student I knew in college, who was obsessed with doing David Fincher style adaptations of stories from his big hard cover illustrated fairy tale book is probably jisming all over himself right now. And he may just have a shot at a hollywood career!

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