Just What We’ve All Been Looking For, The Carrie Diaries: A Sex and the City Prequel.

Because the movie’s were so great. I have no trouble admitting that some of my favorite college memories involved eating hot wings and watching back-to-back episodes of sex and the city, ( Looking back that’s both oddly perverted and horrifically depressing. I think I’m ok with it.) The show was snappy, decently written and catered to all our (or my) secret loves. Bitching, gossip and being a New York Socialite. But to make a prequel? The movie’s quickly went downhill after the series went off the air. The first one was acceptable, but the second became a weird fantasy where menopausal Kim Cattrall had sex in the Arab Emirates, and everyone hated her. Whatever.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, AnnaSophia Robb, who you may remember as Violet in the 2005 Tim Burton remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, will star in the network’s pilot The Carrie Diaries. Here, AnnaSophia will apparently live out Carrie Bradshaw’s lurid highschool coming of age sexy life. Great. An actress made famous from an ill-conceived remake is starring in a mean-girls rip off of a prequel spinoff series of Sex and the City based on a book written 10 years after the series ended. What could possibly go wrong?

Although HBO owns the rights to the show, The Carrie Diaries is being outsourced to the younger audienced CW. Bushnell, the columnist upon which the story is based, and writer of The Carrie Diaries, will be executive producer alongside Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz of Gossip girl. I can’t wait to see what this is going to look like. Who knows, maybe it will ruin TV for us all.

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