Tom Sizemore Is Also Involved In Suing The Devil

Well it’s good to know there is life after Celebrity Rehab… A whole lot of it!!! According to Tom Sizemore currently has 11 movies in pre-or post-production, his latest being the intriguingly named Suing the Devil, which is coming to On-Demand April 6th.

Suing the Devil is directed by Tim Chey (Fakin’ Da Funk) and stars Malcolm McDowell, Shannen Fields and L.A. Law’s Corbin Bernsen. The film follows law student  Luke O’Brien (Bart Bronson) who sues Satan (McDowell) for $8 trillion dollars. Fuckery ensues and shit happens.

I’m also looking forward to the animated Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D starring Sizemore, Danielle Harris, Tony Todd and Bill Moseley, because enough washed up horror actors haven’t raped that dead corpse enough in my opinion.

Check out the trailer and stills for Suing the Devil below.



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