There is Hope for the Hunger Games! Gary Ross Quits

UPDATE: Bad news! According to Deadline, Gary Ross has not withdrawn from The Hunger Games:

“Despite reports that have spread like wildfire on showbiz websites, we hear from multiple sources close to Catching Fire that director Gary Ross has not formally withdrawn from The Hunger Gamessequel. Ross is off on a family vacation and couldn’t be reached, but these internet reports that described his withdrawal as definitive are simply not accurate.”

I’m not sure the critics saw the same Hunger Games movie that I saw. I saw a poorly done, slopped together version of the book that glossed over all of the important scenes that made The Hunger Games so much fun to read. I waited a long time for The Hunger Games to be adapted for the big screen, and I was highly disappointed. So disappointed that I already swore I wouldn’t see the sequels… But that was before I got some great news.

The man who ruined Panem is gone! Director and Writer of The Hunger Games, Gary Ross, has officially exited the franchise after a disagreement with Lionsgate. Hopefully the disagreement was over how much Ross’s movie sucked, and Lionsgate has decided to find someone better to helm Catching Fire.

There are two more planned sequels (unless Lionsgate breaks up the third book into two films) to The Hunger Games. Which means the franchise can be saved! The second book involves a much more intricate Hunger Games arena, which is going to take a great mind to adapt. Hopefully Lionsgate will think outside of the box and doesn’t hire another hack Hollywood writer like Ross to direct.

The Hunger Games has already earned an estimated $397.2 million worldwide! This means the sequels will make money no matter who Lionsgate hires to direct. Hopefully they will select someone who can film something better than two-plus hours of shaky-cam nonsense, and knows how to write some decent dialogue into a script.  Lionsgate has already dropped the ball once, lets pray they don’t do it again!

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