Avatar 2 Delayed Until 2015 + Trailer

Humanity rejoice! (maybe?)

According to Empire, who had the chance to sit down and discuss this cinematic apocalypse with Avatar 2’s producer Jon Landau, the new film won’t be released on schedule. “We’re not naming dates, but I think 2014 will be a tough date for us to make. It’s about getting it right…Movies make release dates; release dates don’t make movies” was all Landau had to say when pressed on the matter. It’s safe to say that the sequel won’t be out until 2015, and if this trend continues (remember how Avatar was meant to be released in 2008?) which leads me to assume that the 3rd Avatar won’t be out until 2016 at the earliest, with a more likely estimate being late 2017.

I’m not sure how this makes me feel. While I’m inclined to just hate Avatar because it’s…

  • A.) A stupid big budget Hollywood film money scam and
  • B.) A ripoff of practically everything,

I do have to give credit where credit is due. The film WAS enjoyable and, having never seen 3D utilized in such a way, it made the film inspiring to watch. Regardless, It only took about 2 days for me to forget about about the film (and in fact I was a little irritated that the ticket cost 18 dollars…)

I do have to say, though, that one of the most enjoyable things that came out of the film for me (a sociopath,) was the revelation that (and attempt to comprehend how) Avatar had such a HUGE impact on people.

Palestinian protesters dressed as Na’vi to protest what they saw as injustices done to them by the israeli Government (see article Here).

And a support group forum sprung up for people who were experiencing the “Na’vi Blues” (read article Here to prevent each other from committing suicide (or at the very least hurting themselves / being sad,) because they were not on a planet as beautiful as Pandora.

I’m not even going to go into THAT aspect of it (Great Barrier Reef? Grand Canyon? ANYPLACE outside of a suburb?) But to see that the form, (which can be found here ) blew up in popularity, and has been consistently populated by fans of the film for the past three years, means something. When I checked the site tonight there were 70 active users browsing the forum. I think thats only 1 or two less than the total number of visits to this site. Impressive!

Anyway, check out this Avatar 2 trailer below!

Ok so its fake and retarded. I liked watching it though!

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