New Prometheus Stills Make Me Feel Tingly

It’s not often that I allow myself to get excited by things. I usually end up over-hyping whatever it is it in my head, and, when the moment of truth comes, find myself let down. It might be because everything sucks. But more likely, I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing can ever live up to this amorphous excitement I’ve marinated myself in for the past hours and weeks of my life. That, and I’m genetically cranky and disappointed.

Regardless, there’s something about Prometheus that has me excited. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen a sci-fi film in a while and am really excited about space robots. More likely, however, (as i think I mentioned in my past few articles about this stupid movie,) I really find creation myths irritatingly interesting, and since this movie deals with the origins of humanity, it’s tickling my nerd bone.

Anyway, STYD picked up a bunch of really awesome Prometheus stills from the facebook app (which can be found here.) I haven’t gone through it myself yet, but maybe I will. Who knows.

Anyway, enjoy the STILLS.

Prometheus premiers June 8th.

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