Trailer Review: Savages (2012) + poster and trailer

It should not be this way (because, ideally, everything should perform the way it’s supposed to), but I always find it exciting when something functions the way its creator intended. Posters, at their most basic, are meant to engage the viewer and entice them into caring about whatever happens to be printed on them. So much substandard design floating around the world, bombarding us at every turn, makes it even more important to have something which stands out, something which grabs the viewer’s attention. And that’s exactly what happened when I saw the poster for Savages.

There isn’t one particular thing I can point out that makes the Savages poster spectacular. Maybe it’s the colors, or the hierarchy of the type and its relation to the images. In retrospect, it isn’t even that fantastic. Regardless, it held my attention long enough to cause me to seek out the trailer when I next found myself browsing the internet. And in the end, that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do.

The trailer for Savages opens with the narrator admitting that just because she is recounting this tale to you, doesn’t mean she’s still alive, (I found this characters admission to being aware of the narrative interesting, and was now willing to sit through the entirety of the trailer.)

But after this, the trailer went quickly downhill. There was some Mumbo jumbo about young people, sex pot, and cartels. Apparently two young dudes who majored in sexy at college and grow “the best cannabis” will eventually run into trouble with mexican cartels. How do the cartels get even? They harass their mutual lady sex friend. Yippie. What I had thought would be an engaging thriller-murder hostage scenario quickly degraded into a run of the mill action movie. Boobs. Bombs. Whatever.

The only saving grace is that Salma Hayek Jumps into the fray and starts threatening to cut a bitch or two. The only problem with this, (and admittedly this may only be for me,) is since I was so culturally unaware of my surroundings in my youth, that the first time I became aware of Salma was as the sexy Latina seductress Elisa Pedrera in Tina Fey’s 30 Rock. Because of this, I could only imagine her ending every threat with “the McFlurry!” or “crazy underwears!” which, now that I think about it, probably would have made this trailer much more entertaining.


**Update** I just now discovered that the Savages poster looks identical to the Babel poster. Great job guys. I take back all the half hearted quasi positive things I said. Although, it still did its job, so congrats.

Babel Poster:

Anyway, watch the trailer and tell me why I’m dumb.

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