8 Superheroes That Might Appear In The Avengers Sequel

While The Avengers is a high priority on my list of movies to see this summer, I still can’t get over how weak the team appears.  Yes, they have the Hulk and Thor, but they also have two humans, and one of them chooses to fight with a primitive bow and arrow. This makes Earth’s Mightiest Heroes look anything but mighty.

I’ve been an avid comic book reader since I was kid, so I understand the way comics work. Lesser characters like Captain America are just as important as the heavy hitters like Iron Man, and comic books are fun because characters like the Punisher can coexist with characters like Spider-Man, yada, yada, yada. But this is the movies, and I don’t know how non-comic book fans are going to swallow Hawkeye and Black Widow taking on a Norse god with an army (of Skrulls?).

Every superhero team has a weak link. For example, the JLA has Green Arrow, and the X-Men have Nightcrawler, and they all have their reasons for being there. However, in The Avengers movie Nick Fury is supposed to be recruiting the best superheroes to save Earth. If an army equipped  with a shield, some fancy arrows, and a pair of wristbands is the best we have to offer, we must be fucked! Hopefully The Avengers will survive long enough to add some more powerful recruits in The Avengers 2.

Here is a list of  superheroes Nick Fury and Marvel may be considering for the sequel, and whether or not I think it’s in their best interests to add or avoid them for the Avengers 2 line-up:

1) Ant-Man (add) and Wasp (avoid)

You can’t think “Avengers” without thinking about Hank Pym and his wife Janet. However, The Wasp is absolutely pointless. The power to shrink in size is about as useless as Plastic Man, and will probably look dumb in a movie.

I wouldn’t mind Hank Pym being added to the Avengers roster since he can also become Giant Man, but I think he would make a better cameo as a scientist so he can build the Vision and Ultron.

2) Scarlet Witch (add)

An Avengers sequel without the Scarlet Witch would be disappointing. Not only does she break the mold of the typical movie super hero, she’s a better female character than Black Widow, more powerful and a mutant!

3) Black Panther (avoid)

The Black Panther would probably look awesome on the big screen, but unless Marvel needs to fill their minority quota I would avoid using him. Adding Panther would involve too much back story, and he is also just another man in a suit. We already have Iron Man.

4) Hercules (avoid)

Don’t do it Marvel! There are enough Wrath of the Titans type movies in existence. The Avengers should try to be unique by using interesting characters from the Marvel universe, not cheap public domain properties like Hercules. If I want to watch Greek gods fight I will just dig out my old Hercules and Xena box sets.

5) Vision (add)

Like the Scarlet Witch, the Vision would offer something we haven’t seen in a comic book movie before. He would add an important Star Trek: The Next Generation element that works well for a future  Ultron story line.

6) Wonder Man (undecided)

I’m on the fence about Wonder Man because I was never really a fan, however, it’s important that I mention him. And mentioning him is all I’m going to do.

7) She-Hulk (add)

If Marvel insists on adding more comic relief, She-Hulk seems like a good candidate. Plus it could spawn her own movie franchise with cameos by Bruce Banner and The Hulk.

8 ) Tigra (lol)

I doubt Tigra is on Marvel’s short list but it would be funny to see a tiger woman in real life.


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