Trailer Review: LOL

I need to stop trusting design (which is going to be difficult considering my profession), but after Savages and now LOL, i think I’m going to have to stop using posters as a litmus test for what movies I should be interested in. I’m not even sure what drew me to caring enough to watch the trailer for LOL. The poster’s photography was… interesting. The composition, Miley’s outfit, accessories, and dark clothing and eye makeup made her seem a little punky. This, when coupled with how she was sprawled across a fur mat in a  sassy fashion, nonchalantly looking at her iphone, and then juxtaposed with the hot pink title. It made me think the film was going to be some sort of dark comedy.

I had hoped the film (or at the very least, the trailer,) would be a montage of super-bitch Miley Cyrus pushing children, pets, or maybe even a grandmother or two in front of cars, tweet pic-ing the results with the caption LOL or some shit. NOPE. Instead, I sat through a two minute boring love story about Hannah Montana, some guy, and this other guy who sort of looked like Macaulay Culkin (or maybe not), that had some modern social media references thrown in there for good measure. I could just hear the pitch for this film now:

“…We’re targeting the younger audience! We’ll show em’ on the facebooks, with some of their instant text messaging, and here’s the real kicker. You know what LOL stands for, right?”

“Land O Lakes?” (imagine Burt Cooper. That’s who I’m picturing this guy pitching to.)

“Close! Laughing out Loud! It’s something the kids use these days. Well, we’ll our main character is LOLa, which, as you can see in this diagram here:

Is LOL, but with a TINY a added to the end.”

“I LOVE it.”

And thats about all I have to say about this trailer.

Don’t see it.

Anyway, here’s the poster so you can see what I’m talking about:

And here’s the stupid trailer:

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