Happy Birthday David: Will The New Prometheus Teaser Be More Interesting Than The Film?

I’m starting to get worried. All these Trailers, viral videos (TED talk & Happy Birthday David), film stills, and the speculation surrounding Prometheus seem to be weaving together some grand picture none of us are able to see. If Scott is lucky, these new dimensions will function like brush strokes on a Van Gogh; indistinguishable, yet beautiful when focused on individually, but harmonious and complete when viewed as a finished work. If he’s not, Prometheus will fall on the mountain of its own hype and become nerd rant fodder (probably me,) as to why the Alien franchise should have been left alone.

Like these brush strokes, these viral videos are only addressing extremely small, and seemingly irrelevant aspects of the film. First the CEO of Weyland corporation telling us about their future goals for themselves, and humanity. Now, a commercial for artificial intelligence narrated by the AI itself. These shorts, which will undoubtedly not be a part of the film, are creating this strikingly rich history. Life, in all its chaos, is comprised of thousands of irrelevancies, which, without our knowing, shape how we see and understand our universe. It’s unavoidable then, that these small bits and pieces that tie prometheus into our own world are an attempt to focus our own lenses into viewing this not as a film, but as an inevitable reality.

But will it live up to it? Is it enough to take pieces of current events, like the debates over Artificial Intelligence, and media outlets like the TED talks, and slap some of your story into them? I have to say, so far both have been extremely well done, and the new teaser, Happy Birthday David, is infinitely more interesting than the TED talk. If the quality of the film is anything like these two videos, I think we have a really powerful film awaiting us.

Video Stills:


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