YWC’s Weekly NYC Film Events Calendar, May 14th – 20th

Here is a short list of film screenings and events happening in NYC this week that I’ve hand selected for you, my wonderful reader. These are just some of the cinematic happenings I think are worth attending. I’m going to start doing this every Monday! I hope it becomes a helpful feature on the blog.

If I’ve missed anything you think is really awesome, or if you have a screening coming up that you’d like me to promote, get in touch with me at madeleine at youwoncannes.com.

Tuesday, May 15th

King And The Clown
Korean Movie Night at Tribeca Cinemas, 7PM – FREE

They host these every 2 weeks, they are great screenings, and I’m at all of them. This is the second screening in a series of Epic Romances. I’m pretty sure a king falls in love with a clown in this one. It’s a free screening, so make sure you are there before 6:30 to get a seat.

Nitehawk Cinema, 7:30PM
A screening of F.W. Murnau’s Sunrise with live musical accompaniment by the band Morricone Youth. It’s an amazing film, and silent cinema is hard to find in a setting like this, I encourage you to go check it out.

Wednesday, May 16th

American Animal
reRun Gastropub Theater, 7PM – FREE
Hmm! “In this loud, irreverent comedy, Jimmy (played by director Matt D’Elia), a terminally ill young man with a penchant for waxing philosophical and sudden costume changes, finds his hedonistic world when he learns that his best friend and roommate, James, has gotten a job.” Another free screening, so show up early.

Buffalo ’66
92Y Tribeca, 7PM
It’s the middle of the week, so why not head downtown for some downtime with Vincent Gallo? God, I love this movie. Includes a Q&A with co-writer Alison Bagnall conducted by filmmaker Alex Perry (The Color Wheel).

Thursday, May 17th

The Phantom of the Operator
Museum of the Moving Image, 7:30PM
This is my experimental film pick of the week, a found footage film by artist Caroline Martel. She will be in attendence for this screening, as the opening event of her exhibition at the museum, Industry/Cinema: An Installaton by Caroline Martel. “This wry and delightful found-footage film reveals a little-known chapter in labor history: the story of female telephone operators’ central place in the development of global communications.

Friday, May 18th

Kevin Geeks Out About: The Great Grab Bag Show!
92Y Tribeca, 8PM
A variety show of film clips and comedy.
“Kevin Geeks Out is the comedy-variety show hosted by writer-comedian Kevin Maher – a confabulation of vintage film clips and videos, new finds, guest experts, games and curiosities. ”

Geronimo: An American Legend
IFC Center, Midnight (Friday and Saturday)
Right now the IFC Center is doing a mostly 35mm midnight Walter Hill retrospective, which is just awesome. I haven’t seen Geronimo, Hill’s bio-pic of the famed Apache leader, yet, but this seems like the best opportunity to do so. And, in case you were wondering, The Warriors is next week.

Blue Velvet
Nitehawk Cinema, Midnight (Friday and Saturday)
It’s David Lynch! Duh. Nitehawk is doing a Midnight Lynch retrospective. New York is the best city. You can never see Blue Velvet too many times. But… Wild At Heart was last weekend and I missed it. Ah man…

Saturday, May 19th

Men In Black
Sony Wonder Technology Lab, 3PM – FREE
It’s MEN IN BLACK. C’MON. A free HD projection of the movie on a saturday afternoon, for those who hate the sun and love aliens (that’s me).

Sunday, May 20th

Museum of the Moving Image, 3PM
The first in a Korean film series hosted at the museum (yes!) “In this under-the-radar festival gem, Choi stars as Kang-jae, a bedraggled third-rate hoodlum who idly dreams of a simpler life back in his hometown. One day, he receives a letter from a Chinese girl named Failan, whom he has never met, and it changes his entire life.”

All Week Long

You Are Here at the reRun Gastropub Theater. reRun is a neat little theater, and this movie sounds fairly complex and weird as hell. I’m hoping to get out there sometime this week. I mean, watch this trailer.

The 4K restoration of Renoir’s Grand Illusion is playing at the Film Forum.

Bobcat Goldthwait’s new film God Bless America is at the Sunshine Cinema. I highly reccomend it to fans of his previous film, World’s Greatest Dad, and other risky film goers who like their indie fare on the super dark comedy side.

And go see Cabin in The Woods at The Nitehawk Cinema. Trust me. Seriously, just go do it.

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