Trailer For Ole Bornedal’s Upcoming Dybbuk Movie, The Possession

If we’re friends, (and if you’re reading this, we may very well be!) you probably know about my penchant for movies about demonic possession. You may even be familiar with the “Where’s Satan?” trilogy I made in my final year of film school, in which each short film centered around something or someone being possessed by Satan! And I was making those films long before M. Night even thought about Devil, so don’t even start. Anyhow, if Satanic possession is my favorite thing, my second favorite thing is possession by a Dybbuk. The Dybbuk is an evil spirit from Jewish mythology, said to be the malicious misplaced soul of a deceased person. They like to pop up and make trouble in the body of someone living.  And there’s another Dybbuk movie coming out!!!


The Possession, formerly titled Dybbuk Box, or maybe it was Dibbuk Box, is based on the supposedly true story of a young girl purchasing a strange box at a yard sale that has a Dybbuk in it that possesses her over time. And that’s awesome. I don’t know how much truth there is to that story, but there’s been articles and a book published about it, and here’s the real Dybbuk box’s website, where you can read its story. The film is directed by Danish genre filmmaker Ole Bornedal and stars Natasha Calis as the young girl, Jeffery Dean Morgan as her father, and Kyra Sedgwick as the girl’s mother. Sam Raimi is producing.

Being excited about something coming out of Sam Raimi’s production company Ghost House Pictures is an iffy prospect, but I’m going to risk it for this one, considering the subject matter and the fact that said subject matter even caused me to enjoy David S. Goyer’s The Unborn. Do you know anyone who liked that movie? Do you even remember it? No? That’s right. I own it on DVD and I’m alone. Forever.

Anyhow, much of what Ghost House has put out has been terrible, run-of-the-mill horror sequels and Asian remakes, with the one questionable exception being Raimi’s own Drag Me To Hell. And hopefully The Possession is going to put the rest of those titles to shame.

I approve of everything about this trailer except for the title, which was changed from Dybbuk Box to The Generic, oh, sorry, I mean, The Possession. I’m going to guess was done because the studio didn’t think the audience they want for this film (like, middle class high school kids or something?) could comprehend the word “Dybbuk”. The one bright side of this title change is that when this hits DVD, maybe a lot of unsuspecting viewers will accidentally rent Andrzej Zulawski’s Possession in an attempt to check this out and have an insane eye-opening art-horror experience. Not that I want to dissuade anyone from watching an Ole Bornedal film as well. As someone who is going to adamantly stand up for both the Danish and American incarnations of his film Nightwatch (or Nattevagten, which is more fun to say!), I want you to watch this too!

And luckily, this trailer is nothing short of terrifying. It’s loaded with bizarre demonic possession imagery, and the little girl is definitely creepy. Even just in this trailer, you can see the story developing, and it looks pretty well thought out. I like this a lot. I have a really good feeling about it. Just make sure you are braced before you hit play, and don’t watch this in the dark.



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