50 Films of Halloween Part 3: Films Eleven And Twelve

Halloween, as we all know, is rapidly approaching. Before we know it shit’s gonna get spookier than an Olympic spider bobsled team. While I have watched many more movies, I’m just going to post films 11 and 12. Why? Because spooky fuckers do whatever the hell they want.

11) THE BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN (1971, Dir. Bernard McEveety)
Viewed On Demand via FEARnet

50 films of halloween - Brotherhood of satan

This movie starts with a Satan tank running over a car. Then there’s some Satan kids running around. The frame freezes, and I think there’s a little silhouetted girl holding a non-silhouetted stack of Satan pancakes or something? I can’t quite figure out what’s happening. I picked this one on a whim because I wanted a change of pace. This is my first adventure back to the 70s and my first film being viewed not only on On Demand, but via FEARnet. I like FEARnet. You can argue that Chiller TV has frequent Monsters marathons, but FEARnet is the horror television channel we horror aficionados have been craving ever since the demise of my beloved MonstersHD. And, being an On Demand network, we can watch their content at our leisure. Now. What I’ve been talking about is fairly boring, isn’t it? Well, it’s just like watching The Brotherhood of Satan! BORING. Aside from a few neat Satan visuals, and a smattering of gore, this movie doesn’t have much to offer. Oh well!

12) GRAVE ENCOUNTERS (2011, Dir. The Vicious Brothers)
Viewed Streaming Via Netflix

50 films of halloween - Grave Encounters

Feeling in the mood for spooky-house ghost movies, I figured I’d give this much more recent found footage flick a shot. This premise is exhausted. I think 400 movies with the same plot as The Blair Witch Project and made on shoestring budgets came out in the last 2 years. I’ve seen a handful of them (The Tunnel, The Feed, et cetera forever…) and despite shaking my head grimly at the recycled concept, a lot of these movies are just haunted house rides. Which means they are really fun to watch in the dark, with friends, and the volume cranked up. The other thing that’s great is a lot of the low budget and lesser seen ones are about 1000% scarier and more entertaining than Paranormal Activity, the worst movie ever (hyperbole, but the rage in my heart sure does make me feel like it is). Seriously. At least the Saw franchise was creative. Anyhow, if you can power through the first half hour of Grave Encounters and get to the spooky stuff, this movie will deliver exactly what you want. When the ghosts show up, the Vicious Brothers don’t mess around. They serve a hefty dose of spookiness. Also, the directors are named The Vicious Brothers, which is hilarious. This movie would be great with a bunch of friends and a few beers.


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