ReImaginings: The Weather

ReImaginings - The Weather
A popular show that a lot of people have been talking about these past few days is The Weather. Do you want to talk about The Weather, too? Well then, you have come to the right place.

reimaginings - The weather

The Weather is a miniseries that has been airing on almost every channel for a four to five day arc. The Weather is a spinoff of the movie Grease. Main character Sandy has aged quite a bit in the decades that have passed since her golden years. Deep in the throes of a thick, menopausal haze, Sandy is looking to reclaim her wild days and taking the East Coast by storm.

Don’t take The Weather too seriously. I would call it a humorous romp, at best. It’s playful. It’s a fruity wine. If you can’t laugh at The Weather, I don’t want to know you.

ReImaginings - The Weather

People have been stocking up on water and cereal and various canned foods to enjoy watching with, but I personally would recommend a bowl of popcorn and a vat of hot sauce. Don’t have hot sauce? Take a stroll to your local supermarket and pick some up. It’s a lovely day and it will be nice to get outside. Maybe you will bump into someone and they will want to talk about The Weather with you!

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