ReImaginings: The Voice

The Voice is a really big thing on television now and you’d be hard pressed to find even one person who doesn’t watch it. Other than you. Great. Let’s get started.

What happens when you take eight cats, a giraffe, and a hermit crab and make them live in a house together? This is the premise of The Voice.

The Voice is like The Real World, but a bit more civilized. I mean, really crazy things happen on The Voice, but at least the animals keep their shirts on.

You’re probably like, what’s the gimmick? This has been done so many times before. Well, that’s where the voice comes into The Voice. The house is hooked up with this powerful sound system that plays “Genie in a Bottle,” by Christina Aguilera on repeat. ALL. DAY. LONG.

If you like to bring more specific examples into your conversations about television, I’ll just run through a quick recap of a really funny incident that occurred recently on The Voice.

The giraffe was hanging out in the kitchen, eating some leaves, when a cat walked right between the giraffe’s legs to get to her food. The video editors were like, “Wait, whoa. Play that back. Did that really happen?” And it really did happen. But that’s just it. Things like that happen all of the time on The Voice. The Voice is what happens when animals stop being polite, and start being the voice.

Rumors have been circulating that, due to neighborly complaints of animal cruelty and noise pollution, this season of The Voice may have to be cut short or relocated to a less than populated area. Like The Library. No one goes there anymore, right?

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