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In search of

I remember In Search Of.. a little bit from my childhood as it ran from when I was seven to thirteen. What remember most vividly is the show’s opening and the music. Every time I hear it, I take an impromptu trip back to my childhood, but I don’t hear it often. In Search Of  had not even crossed my mind until I heard months ago that it was being released on DVD.

I only got a promo disc to review with four episodes, but according to the press release all 144 episodes of the original series and 8 episodes of the short lived new series hosted by Mitch Pileggi that ran on the SyFy channel are included.

The promo disc included Mayan Mysteries and UFO Coverups which are hosted by Leonard Nimoy. The former is about the Mayan culture with theories as to why they may have disappeared and the latter recounts the infamous Roswell crash and Hangar 18 and the many theories that swirl around each. Nimoy sports a mustache in the UFO episode and does not in the Mayan one. Both of these episodes are 22- minutes, full frame and don’t appear to have been remastered at all by the occasional visible print damage.

Alongside those episodes was one episode of the revival series hosted by Mitch Pileggi. Unlike the original series, which stuck to one topic from the start to the end of an episode, the remake covers a variety of subjects per episode. The one included on the promo disc featured segments concerning the haunted history of Bobby Mackey’s Music World nightclub, the Stigmata phenomenon, following a group of ghost hunters on a haunted battleship and zombies. This episode ran 44 minutes and is also full frame.

The final episode included is a 51 minute special titled In Search Of Ancient Astronauts hosted by Rod Serling, which is based on the book, ‘Chariots Of The Gods?’ by Erich Von Daniken. Both the book and special talk about the theory that aliens visited earth and helped mankind along in evolution and development. Before the series was ever conceived, Serling narrated three specials, Astronauts was one of them. I have no idea if the other specials are included in the set, though. Like the early series, it’s full frame and doesn’t appear to be remastered. Now that I have seen it again after all these decades, unfortunately, the show doesn’t live up to the scant memories I have of it.

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