6 Predictions for Vampire Diaries Season 4 Mid Season Premiere

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Predictions

With the January 17th Mid-Season Premiere of Vampire Diaries rapidly approaching, I find myself going over all the little details we’ve seen in episodes 1-9. A lot has happened so far – with Elena becoming a vampire and all – and I feel there is a LOT more craziness to come. (Just think of how all the previous seasons have ended – Katherine’s violent return, Klaus Taking Stefan, and Elena’s death). With so much going on, and still so much to happen, there are so many ways season 4 could end! So here are my 6 quick predictions for the second half of season 4! (Although, I’m usually never right. But hey, there’s a first time for everything, so let’s get this started, shall we?)

1.) Elena, while sired to damon, is actually in love with him.Vampire Diaries Season 4 Predictions - Elena in love with damon

Above all else, this is probably going to be the biggest controversy of the season (and possible Vampire Diaries overall) – Whether Stelena, or Delena, will survive. While Elena’s ALMOST Katherine-like love of the two brothers has been a major device which has moved the show along, something about this season makes me think that, once and for all, Elena will be forced to make a decision. Either she will stay sired to Damon, and be incapable of loving Stefan, OR she will break the bond (be it through magic or this mysterious “cure” that everyone’s freaking out about), and return to Mystic Falls, as a human, head over heels for Stefan once again.

While I’m not taking a side, something is telling me that the Damon-Elena relationship is here to stay. Why, you ask? Well first things first, Tyler explains to Elena, when she asks what being sired is like, that one’s feelings for a person doesn’t change once the bond is created. In fact, you can hate the person you are sired to, you just find yourself incapable of disobeying them.

Second, once becoming a vampire (as Elena did 9 episodes ago,) you don’t gain new emotions, only strengthen existing ones. Elena even addresses this herself (although that could just be sired vampire rambling), that in order for her to feel as strongly as she does about Damon, she would have had to love him in the first place. This, when coupled with her confession earlier on that things could have been different had she met Damon first, and then realizing that she HAD met Damon first once his compulsion began to wear off, makes Elena realize that her feelings for Damon may be more real than she initially thought.

2.) Dr. Atticus Shane is actually the imprisoned and immortal warlock SilasVampire Diaries Season 4 Predictions - Dr. Shane is Silas

Think about it. Where did he come from? Why is he so knowledgeable? What is he really after? I know its easy to draw comparisons between him and the double-dead Isobel from season two, (a know-it-all vampire scholar who somehow was able to discover everything there was to know about mythological creatures), and leave it at that. But something about shane strikes me as different. Not only is he knowledgeable about seemingly every type of magic (including the dark Expression that he is attempting to teach Bonnie), but he is also surprisingly un-intimidated by Damon’s threats, and supernatural beings in general, despite not (or claiming not) to be a witch himself. That, coupled with his vague reasoning about “wanting to write a thesis” about one of the most powerful beings of all time, and I start to suspect that he is the spirit of the warlock himself, seeking to release his body from imprisonment. And, again, we’ve discovered from all of Klaus’s escapades that it is quite possible for a supernatural creature to posses another body as its own, while maintaining the life of its original form.

In addition to this, there is Shane’s admission that “only a bennett witch” can perform the spell he is looking for. Now, this may be a stretch, but as we’ve learned throughout Vampire Diaries, each spell a witch casts is unique and can only be undone under a specific set of circumstances. In the myth Shane tells, Silas’ best friend, Qetsiyah – a witch who helps him perform the immortality spell, grows jealous after she discovers that Silas plans to give immortality to another woman. Qetsiyah then kills the other woman, and seals Silas away. It is possible that Bonnie, and in fact the Bennett line of witches, is descendant from Qetsiyah (hence a Bennett’s involvement in Esther’s creation of the “originals,”) and Shane is seeking them out to undo the spell, and then punish them.

And finally, there is the ominous offer Shane gives to Hayley. That while her parents are dead, he can help her see them again, and that they are “only the beginning.” What could that be?

3.) There is no “cure”Vampire Diaries Season 4 Predictions - There is no "Cure"

While this might sound a bit out there, it wouldn’t be the first time a character in Vampire Diaries made up a legend for their own personal reasons ( think the Sun & The Moon Curse). There isn’t much evidence to go on here, only a hunch of mine, but I feel like the “cure” is some kind of wordplay; That the only cure for immortality is death. Logically, the reasoning behind why the witch Silas wanted to take the “cure” was to prevent himself from living for eternity without those he loved, in effect, sentencing himself to die. Perhaps it acts much like the white oak stake does for the Originals, and is the only way to kill a truly immortal being.

4.) Bonnie diesVampire Diaries Season 4 Predictions - Bonnie Dies

This might be a stretch, since shes the only “main witch” currently on Vampire Diaries, so she would theoretically have to be replaced (and I haven’t noticed any side witches who might be swooping in), but all the allusions to black magic (the daughter of the witch who helped Damon in New Orleans, and how she said some witches call it Expression), I have a feeling something big is going down before the end of the 4th season.

When Bonnie reveals that Dr. Shane is teaching her a new form of magic, or ‘Expression’ (which as we know from the with in New Orleans is derived from the sacrifice of lives), she might accidentally push herself to near death, similar to what she did when she channeled the 100 witches in her attempt to kill Klaus. This time, she might give in or give up, especially considering what happened when she tried to stop Elena from becoming a vampire (the spirit of grams was ‘tortured’ or ‘punished’ by the spirits of the witches). And since her relationship with magic has been strained after she tried to revive Elena, that she might not be strong enough to survive whatever it is that Dr. Shane has in store for her.

5.) If Bonnie dies, so does Jeremy (indirectly).
Vampire Diaries Season 4 Predictions - Jeremy dies

If Bonnie dies, the “vampire hate switch” that Dr. Shane put into Jeremy gets turned off, and he’ll probably goes crazy and try to kill Elena. Obviously Vampire Diaries cannot exist without her, so I predict that Elena is going to find herself in a situation where she has to choose between dying, and killing her brother. While the old her would have let herself go, the new vampire Elena is capable of so many things we don’t know yet, and she might not be able to stop herself (and because Vampire Diaries likes to get a bit twisted, she might even enjoy it).

6.) Rebekah Tries to kill Elena… againVampire Diaries Season 4 Predictions - Rebekah tries to kill Elena

I know this is old news, and isn’t really a prediction. I mean, the core of The Vampire Diaries is that everyone want’s to kill Elena (and I’m glad they do! it makes for quite the watching experience). And, obviously, Rebekah trying to kill Elena is why she became a vampire in the first place.

According to the sneak peak (see below) Rebekah’s back! (and it last words (or pretty close to the last ones, before Klaus daggered her,) was that she never wanted him to have what he wanted. Logically, since he wants the “cure” (see above prediction), and Elena needs to be cured to be useful, she’s probably going to take the tried and true originals method of dealing with a problem, and just kill it.

As an aside, I have to say I really do like all the Originals. Vampire Diaries tries to make them all evil, but deep down you periodically get a glimmer of their old selves, and now, especially after Klaus’s confession to Stefan before he goes off and brutally kills 12 hybrids, they just seem like wounded, lonely puppies. I just wish they would get out of their own ways. Everyone hates the Originals, because they all act like assholes. And since everyone hates them, the retaliate with an unnecessary amount of anger and cruelty. Maybe, if April does wake Rebekah up (as the trailer suggests), she might come to terms with the whole vampire thing, become friends with Rebekah, and teach her that she doesn’t have to kill and maim to get her way.

So what are your thoughts on my Vampire Diaries predictions? Am I way off? Did I hit it on the head? Do you have any better ideas? Let me know!

And if you feel like you need to catch up before the Season 4 Episode 10 premiere, check out the full episodes here.

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