Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 10 Review: “After School Special”

Vampire Diaries - After School Special

A lot happened in the Vampire Diaries December 13 Mid-Season Finale, “O Come, All Ye Faithful”: Tyler discovering he had been betrayed by Hayley, Klaus Discovering he had been betrayed by all his Hybrids, (and then killing all 12 with the sword that is undoubtedly involved in releasing Silas), Damon sort-of releasing Elena from his sire bond, and of course, the death of Carol Lockwood. With so much backstabbing and murder to catch up to, the Mid-Season Premiere “After School Special” had a lot to live up to, and it sure did deliver.

Let The Battle Begin

So, officially, the Vampire Diaries war for the cure begins. While nothing as spectacular as all the hullabaloo in the last episode found its way into “After School Special”, the ground is now paved for an epic war over the cure buried with the immortal Silas, Pitting three forming camps against one another. The Vampire Diaries bad boys, Klaus, Damon and Jeremy, who seek the cure to return Elena back into her doppelganger self (so Klaus can use her as an endless hybrid-making blood factory). Shane and Bonnie, who seek to revive Silas (for Shane’s still unknown reasons,). And Rebekah and Stefan, ( the ‘wounded puppies’ of Vampire Diaries) who seek the cure to turn Klaus back into a human, and turn Elena back into a human, respectively. All three of these groups are beginning their struggle against one another in what is undoubtedly going to be a long, and bloody battle.

Rebekah is back, crazy, and desperate for revenge.vampire-diaries-season-4-episode-10-after-school-special-rebekah-elena-caroline-stefan_you-won-cannes

While Klaus’ reasoning for wanting the cure  is pretty straight forward, Rebekah’s leaves a lot more open for interpretation. By now we’ve discovered that she, not Damon, is the new  loose cannon of Vampire Diaries. Not only did she kidnap Elena, Stefan, and Caroline at school, but after compelling them to answer all of her questions, she spent a little time torturing them. Trying to catch up on a little Damon-Stefan Gossip, she compels Elena to confess her true feelings for Damon to Stefan.

This is interesting for a few reasons. The first being, does compulsion trump a sire bond? Was Elena’s confession about how she feels for Damon, that he makes her happy, and that Stefan only makes her feel like a “broken toy” her sincere feelings? Or does the Sire bond run so deep that even when being compelled Elena is only speaking false sentiments? As I predicted in my earlier post, I believe that the love she is feeling is a true, albeit vampirically heightened sense that has been brewing in her since the first season. But the question still remains, is a sire bond stronger than compulsion?

Then, Rebekah goes a little super-bitch and compels Tyler, who comes to rescue Caroline, to turn into a wolf and attack and kill Stefan, Caroline and Elena.

What happens IF Rebekah gets the cure?
We know (almost certainly) from the last season of Vampire Diaries, that Stefan and Damon come from Klaus’ bloodline. While this may not be correct, let’s say it’s true for now. If the original vampire’s existence is the basis for the immortality of all their vampiric blood line, if they lose their immortality, do all the vampires born of their blood return to being human as well? (Just like when Finn was killed, and all descendants of his blood died within hours of his demise). If, like Rebekah made perfectly clear from her plans in this episode, that she wants to find the cure and force Klaus to take it, will Damon and Stefan both return to being human? Unless this is the last season of Vampire Diaries I find it highly unlikely, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out. And, in the end, does she have the heart to sentence her brother to death? And become even that more alone?

Dr Shane becomes a little creepier.Dr. Shane and Bonnie - Vampire Diaries

We all knew something was brewing with Shane in the last few episodes of Vampire Diaries. He was too driven and too knowledgeable to only be an innocent bystander. But with the developments in “After School Special”, Shane’s motivations have become a little more devious.

When kidnapped by Rebekah to reveal the location of the cure, Shane reveals that he knows more about Silas than he had been letting on. He believes that Silas is the most powerful being to ever exist in the Vampire Diaries world, and that when awakened he will raise those who had died in his name from their graves, and begin a new era on earth. While pretty spooky sounding, the Necromantic antics of an ancient witch wasn’t the most interesting part of this scene for me.

For some reason the Originals are afraid of Silas, and when they hear his name they become scared. Does this mean that the Originals have encountered Silas in the past? Or is his name merely legend, and they fear him as vampires fear the Originals? It has been suggested that Silas’ magic is what was used by Esther to create the Originals themselves, so perhaps their connection with Silas is stronger than we think.

In addition to this, Shane gives Bonnie a Talisman made of human bone, he said was used by the witch Qetsiyah, who imprisoned Silas, as an object of power. Bonnie takes it thinking it is like any other talisman (think back to season one of Vampire Diaries when she used Emily’s Talisman to try and open the tomb). But we soon discover that the talisman, and the “Expression” magic Shane has been teaching her is beyond anything Bonnie had anticipated. When she casts a protection spell using the talisman to protect Shane when he is being tortured by Rebekah and Cole, we find that Bonnie inadvertently ties shane’s life to the nearest human. Bonnie soon discovers that she is drawing power from this bond, and finds herself capable of using more power than she has before.

When confronted about this tie, Shane tells Bonnie that Expression is simply magic not bound by the laws of nature, and is not in and of itself inherently good or evil; its role is based exclusively on that of the user. Will this seemingly limitless font of power drive bonnie to become a dark witch? Or will she maintain a glimmer of her old self and learn to control her new found powers?

And finally, and perhaps most definitely, we are given full proof of something we already expected. Shane admits to causing the explosion that killed the twelve council members at the end of season three, to create a font of power to be used to revive Silas from his imprisonment.

Stefan Tries to be compelled to forget ElenaRebekah and Stefan Vampire Diaries

Perhaps the most controversial part of the episode, and even Vampire Diaries alltogether. After Rebekah compels Elena to confess everything she feels for Damon to Stefan, (that she no longer loves him and wants to be with Damon), she offers Elena the option of relieving Stefan of the pain of remembering Elena; That she can compel him to forget every last memory of her. Without blinking an eye, Stefan interrupts the two and tells Rebekah to make him forget everything. Rebekah does not comply, and leaves Stefan and Elena to deal with the fact that, had she complied, Stefan would have willing given up every memory the two of them shared.

Yes there is still hope for Stelena! Even after Stefan stormed away, refusing to talk to Elena, he agrees to work with Rebekah because he needs to know, once and for all, if her feelings for Damon are True or not. Which can only mean that Stefan has still not completely given up on Elena Yet.

It’s hard to believe so much has happened in this episode,

and that there’s still so much more to come. April now knows everything about the originals, the vampires, and lets the remaining members of the council know everything she does. Bonnie’s Father suddenly comes back and is accepted as the Interim Mayor of Mystic Falls. It’s not entirely clear why he’s back, and what his motives are.

In the end, there are still so many loose ends that are waiting to be tied, and I can’t wait to see what twists and Turns Vampire Diaries is going to take in the weeks to come.

Did I leave anything out, did you take anything differently or did you notice anything I may not have? Let me know!

Check out the CW’s site for full episodes if you need to catch up!

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