Danielle Gills signs on for Vampire Diaries spinoff, The Originals

Danielle Gills signs on for Vampire Diaries spinoff, “The Originals”

Danielle Gills is now onboard for the CW spin off of Vampire Diaries, The Originals, which will be aired as a backdoor pilot on the April 25th episode of its parent show.

As it’s name suggests, The Originals will center around the Original Family – more specifically Elijah (played by Gills) and Klaus (Played by Joseph Morgan) in their return to New Orleans, a supernatural melting pot they helped to create. In New Orleans, Klaus is to be reunited with his former protégé Marcel, a diabolical figure who forces Elijah to join forces with his enemies in an attempt to help his brother, Klaus, find redemption. There will undoubtedly be tons of deceit, blood, and sexiness.

To be honest, I’m glad Elijah will be front and center in this new series. He is by far the most likeable of The Originals, and he seems to be the one able to take their craziness down a notch. I also like the idea of Klaus finding some sort of redemption (which I feel will sort of start to happen in the current Season of Vampire Diaries). All The Originals are so pent up with years of hate and betrayal that they are constantly getting in their own way. Think of Rebekah in After School Special. She yells about being lonely, and then tries to kill everyone. Not the best way to make friends (although if you’re into that you should probably try giving her a call).

Phoebe Tonkin, who plays the feisty werewolf Hayley in the current season of VD, will also be featured as a main figure in The Originals, if it is picked up.

The series will be written by co-creator/Executive Producer Julie Plec. Kevin Williamson, whose new show The Following aired last sunday, will have no involvement in the productions.

Deadline first reported Gill’s casting.

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