Goodbye 30 Rock Part 1: The Best Fake Shows

Goodbye 30 Rock part one

As you may or may not have heard, 30 Rock is finally at its end. While most of the world continues merrily on its way, I find myself crippled by the loss of the only thing I’ve ever truly loved. I can’t think of another show that I have quoted more, laughed harder at, or been so creepily obsessed with. I’ve probably spent more time watching this show than anything else (unless you count staring at yourself in a mirror as a ‘show’, in which case then 30 Rock would be second). In fact, despite how it may seem, considering the copious amount of words I’ve dedicated to Vampire Diaries, I would give that up in an instant to keep 30 Rock alive.

So, in order to cope, I’ve decided to aggregate together everything which made 30 Rock so great — starting with (what I believe) were some of the cleverest and funniest moments in 30 Rock: the shows within the show.

At times a jab at NBC, and others a satire on what we’ve been accepting as TV, all the shows were painfully hysterical. In fact, I don’t even need to say much about them. They speak for themselves. So check out the list below and let’s reminisce together.


Homonym stands at the top of my list for how flippantly clever and stupid it is. Always unbeatable, and forever hysterical, I wish this show would get a spin-off of its own.


Milf Island is simply a ridiculous commentary on our over sexualized kardashian, teen-mom, survivor reality TV show obsession. But when taken in context of the rest of the show, Milf Island becomes a Meta-show – reflecting the events in Liz’s life and decisions she has to make in a completely absurd manner. And besides, as Jack Donaghy so eloquently states, “So you have seen the show, and why shouldn’t you? It has sex, lies, puberty, betrayal, relay races, MILF Island reflects the drama of the human experience and isn’t that the essence of art?”


Other shows filtered through Seinfeld. It’s terrifying. Need I say more?


While not actually a show, Greenzo was a 30 Rock TV show personality played by David Schwimmer. Enough said.


While hysterical on its own, I think the best part of Bitch Hunter is simply the fact that it was allegedly created by Matthew Weiner – the creator of Mad Men and writer on The Sopranos.


How could I make a list of 30 Rock tv shows without including The Girlie Show? There are so many moments in TGS- nearly all of them, that are worth showing. And since I can’t show them all, I’ll simply include one of my favorites.



Can’t believe I almost forgot this one. To be honest, this one is so good if shown outside the context of 30 Rock I would believe it was an actual show! Maybe we can get Tina to write it, now that 30 Rock is ending??

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