Goodbye 30 Rock Part 2: The Best Jenna Maroney Songs

30 rock - Best Jenna Maroney Songs

While it’s so hard to choose my favorite parts of 30 Rock (since you can’t just say “all”), Jenna Maroney’s singing career stands out as another one of 30 Rock’s best continuing jokes. Aside from being absurd, the songs are actually quite catchy. And I have to say, if they were to release a 30 Rock album in the upcoming years, I would probably buy about 400 of them.

Anyway, check out the clips below for some of my favorite Jenna Maroney singing moments on 30 Rock.

**UPDATE** Thanks for all the great suggestions! Find the new songs below!


I would say this is hands down the most iconic “Jenna Song” from 30 Rock. Not only is it featured is several episodes, but to my knowledge it is the only one of the 30 Rock songs to be made into a full track. Also, I can’t stop thinking about “Muffin Top” and get it stuck in my head at least 3-4 times a week.


“Fart So Loud” was Jenna’s attempt to prevent Weird Al from parodying one of her songs. While its stupid lyrics and dance moves were funny enough, when paired with the “Normal Al” version below, these songs brought me to tears. (I also may or may not have listened to the two of these on repeat for hours before and while writing this list).

3) “BALLS” 

It might be short, but “Balls” is, in my opinion, a homage to terrible songs written for the sake of making money (think Kim Kardashian’s “Jam (Turn It Up)”, Paris Hilton’s “Stars are Blind” or Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy For The Party.” Don’t believe me? You tube those songs and compare with “Balls”.


In Jack’s attempt to court “real” America, he and Jenna have the brilliant Idea to re-record the opening of NBC tennis. While humorous in the context of the show, “Tennis Night” is a near perfect replication of any Fox “Sports Night” intros. Full of true American Spirit!


Mystic Pizza draws an interesting parallel between Jenna Maroney’s and Jane Krakowski’s acting career. (In case you don’t know the names, Jane plays Jenna). With both being familiar on the stage and in front of the Ka-Meh-Ra, as Jenna would say it. The lyrics are hysterical, and in the context of the show – the weight gain from eating several pizza’s on stage every day lead to Jenna’s Enormé Fragrance – the first fragrance for plus sized women.


A “Homage” to Janis Joplin completed in a truly 30 Rock way – “Chunk Of My Lung” is written by Jack after NBC failed to receive both the life rights, and song rights for the documentary about the singer. At first Janet Joppler, and then Jamie Jormp Jomp, Jenna pulls of a completely twisted and insane rendition of the singer.

**New songs added from suggestions! Check them out below!**


I’m not sure what’s better about this one, Jenna singing about eating sheep brains to a sheep, or the sheep puppet she is singing too.


While not a recorded song, “Secret Plan” ties in perfectly with all the shenanigans Jenna and Tracy get themselves into (like when they became the problem solvers, or when Liz went to Florida with jack and they ordered 3 million oranges).


Again, not a song Jenna attempted to make money off of, but it so perfectly describes her personality that it has to be included in the list.

10) “THE RURAL JUROR” (Goodbye TGS)

Check out the video here! (embedding is disabled, so just click the link to watch it!)

Possibly one of my favorite ways to end a show, Jenna’s Farewell song, Rural Juror, will surely stand out as one of 30 Rock’s most memorable songs. Aside from the surprising amount of emotion they pulled out of a joke from one of the older episodes, the “rural juror” is one of the strangest tongue twisters I can think of. If you want to take part in the fun yourself, try singing the lyrics below!

The Irma Luhrman-Merman murder Turned the bird’s word lurid The whir and the purr of a twirler girl She would the world were demurer The insurer’s allure For valor were pure Kari Wuhrer One fervid whirl over her turgid error Rural juror Rural juror I will never forget you Rural juror I’ll always be glad I met you Rural juror I will never forget you Rural juror I’ll always be glad I met you Rural juror (x2) These were the best days of my flerm.

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