Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 12 Review: “A View to a Kill”

Vampire Diaries - A View to a Kill

Things have really been speeding up in the 2 episodes since the Vampire Diaries mid season premiere. The Original’s in-fighting, Damon being compelled to kill Jeremy, and Stefan allegedly turning against Elena. Not to mention Bonnie’s new-found black magic, and Dr. Shane’s motives becoming clearer. I know I predicted here that Shane is actually Silas, but as the show progresses that is becoming less and less clear. Everything is leading to one explosive conclusion, yet what will that be? Where will it end? Let’s see where the 12th episode of Vampire Diaries season 4 brings us.

Rebekah and Stefan

Could this be Vampire Diaries’ biggest heartbreak? Stebekah Or Refan (I’m not sure what to call them), but whatever the Vampire Diaries community may be calling them, you can’t deny that something real is starting to happen between Rebekah and Stefan. For starters, the opening scene – Rebkah spooning Stefan. Regardless of what you say, snuggling really isn’t for people who “don’t care” (although we’ve known she’s been a hurt puppy from day one). Furthermore, While the night between Stefan and Rebekah starts out as a ploy for Stefan to steal the White Oak Dagger she has been hiding on herself (in order to put down the remaining members of the Original family), it quickly turns into an actual expression of caring between the two characters.

While putting up a tough front, Rebekah reveals that the reason she has been so obsessed with all the High School dances throughout all the past seasons of Vampire Diaries (and being a ‘teenager’ in general), is because she wishes that she had never become a vampire – and had been able to live the life of a human. Stefan then takes Rebekah to the high school and stages an 80’s night dance for her. While at first it starts out as a way to keep Rebekah out of the picture while the Vampire Diaries crew search for the dagger, the two characters slowly begin to come closer together as the night progresses. Not only does Rebekah eventually show Stefan where the dagger is, but when pressed, she hands it over to him. And instead of daggering her like he had intended, Stefan takes Rebekah home. And finally, at the last, most shocking turn of the season, Rebekah stands by Stefan.

KoleVampire Diaries - A  View to a Kill Kol and Bonnie

As we saw in episodes since Vampire Diaries mid season premiere  Kol is intent on preventing Silas from being born. Not only did he try to kill Rebekah, he also stole the remaining white oak daggers from Klaus, and was now out on the loose trying to kill Bonnie, Elena, and incapacitate Jeremy.

With Damon compelled to kill Jeremy (by Kol), and Kol’s incessant pursuit of all those seeking out the cure, Jeremy and Elena decide to take matters into their own hands. As we saw in last episode, “Catch Me If You Can”, Elena and Jeremy decide to kill Kol. Not only would that release Damon from his compulsion, but it would also allow Jeremy to complete his hunter’s mark- by killing every vampire sired from Kol’s blood.

Yet this plan doesn’t come to fruition, until Elena decides to make peace with the deranged Original. While at first Elena’s plan seems to be working – (Kol comes over, plays some video games, and even takes the time to have a drink or two with Elena) Yet when push comes to shove, Kol does not relent, and after imparting some words of wisdom upon us about how Silas should never be awakened, goes after Jeremy.

Elena and Jeremy 

What seems like a pretty innocuous discovery in the beginning – That vervain has been pumped into the towns water supply, suddenly becomes a major point of the show.

When Kol goes after Jeremy, and he and Jeremy begin to fight a losing battle against the Original you assume the worst. Not only does Elena find herself pinned to a wall, but Jeremy gets tied down and threatened to have his arms cut off.

But then out of nowhere, and can I say hooooo-lyyyyy-SHIT! Vampire Diaries took an insane turn right at the very end! Elena Frees herself, distracts Kol – Which is when Jeremy begins to pour the town’s drinking water on him. After a brief struggle, Jeremy pulls the White Oak Stake from Kol’s coat and impales him – killing the original and all his blood begat.


Wow. Bonnie sure went from a timid witch, to a font of terrifying power (and perhaps the most powerful witch in Vampire Diaries) in 12 short episodes. Not only does Bonnie reveal that she now has enough power to take down an original (as shown when Kol broke into the school and tried to kill her), she is now so powerful that even other witches do not have the power to contain her.

When her father tries to trap her at home (out of fear from the power Shane has put into her) – even calling in her mother to assist in the matter, Bonnie does not relent. In fact, when Bonnie’s mom uses some sort of magic on her, Bonnie is only temporarily incapacitated, and before long is out and putting her parents back in their place. In fact, Bonnie is even able to keep Klaus (who has up until this point been the most powerful being in the Vampire Diaries universe) under her control. When Klaus discovers that Jeremy and Elena have killed his brother, Kol, he goes to kill them. Yet bonnie is able to put him down, and use the power of the moon to trap him in Elena’s house. Because the magic is tied to the stars, however, she says they only have three days left to find the cure. Something which is made a reality where, at the very end of the episode, Jeremy suddenly hulk’s off his shirt, and reveals the complete mark burning itself into his body.

From here on out, the chase for the cure will only intensify.

Klaus Vampire Diaries - Klaus

“A View to a Kill” gave us a couple interesting sides to Klaus. While he is watching Damon – upon Stefans request as he is attempting to steal the White Oak Dagger from Rebekah, Klaus begins to probe Damon. He wants to know how, after all the terrible things he’s done, how Elena can still love him. Obviously not to veiled of a request, Damon infers that Klaus is wondering if there can be any redemption for him after he killed Carol Lockwood. For us, this is a first, Klaus showing a truly human side. Wanting to be loved not by force, or compulsion, but a true love – something that has to be given, not taken.

But then, as soon as this moment passes, and Klaus discovers that Jeremy and Elena have killed his brother Kol, Klaus goes on a rampage. He renounces the Cure, condemns Jeremy and Elena, and threatens to make them face and endless eternity of suffering. Without Bonnie’s help, the two would have surely died. It will be interesting to see where the series goes from here. I still strongly believe that the end of season 4 will bring about some form of redemption for Klaus – where he learns to love, or at least, to embrace some of his long lost humanity.

In conclusion –

Klaus is obviously going to start messing everyone’s shit up. It’s not up to the Vampire Diaries gang to find the cure before Bonnie’s ward wears off when the power of the moon begins to wane. It will also be interesting to see if Jeremy begins to change, now that the mark has completed itself upon him. Will he be able to resist killing Elena? Or will his urge to kill vampires now have become so strong, that even the ‘block’ Shane put in his mind will no longer be of use? Also… I wonder where Rebekah is going to fit into all of this. According to the “next time” she seems to still be on the Vampire Diaries team – even though her brother died by their hands. Is her desire to become a human that strong? I can’t wait to see!

One Final Note…

I like that Paul Wesley is from New Jersey. I also like that somehow his character, Stefan, is obsessed with Bon Jovi. Like a true jersey boy. That’s all.

Check out the CW’s site for full episodes if you need to catch up!

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