Cult Flashback: Footprints On The Moon (1975, Dir. Luigi Bazzoni)

footprints on the moon

I have a clear memory of when I first became aware of Footprints on the Moon, also known as Le orme. It was a lonely summer evening and I was browsing the LOVEFiLM instant listings. I found this title and remembered seeing the trailer a while ago. There are many Giallos out there, especially on the Shameless Films label, but this one is different from the rest. It’s a haunting movie. In one aspect, it’s a film about one woman slowly losing her mind and in another it’s a mystery movie.

Alice Cespi’s (Florinda Bolkan) life is falling away from her. She has a memory from her childhood of a film she saw involving an astronaut left to die on the moon. After missing work and losing track of time, her condition and use of tranquilizers is spiraling out of control. She finds a photo from a place called Garma which she has no memory of going to. After receiving this mysterious postcard she decides to go there.

In Garma she runs into a child who explains to her that she looks like another lady by the name of Nicole. Alice then explores the resort, discovering strange circumstances between her and the stranger Nicole, all of which brings her further to an awful truth.

I am in love with this movie. I hold Le orme very dear to me. It’s lonely in places, isolating even, but you feel you’re right there with Alice in her despair. There is some fabulous cinematography and stunningly desolate shots. Florinda Bolkan is wonderful in her role as Alice, strong yet powerless at the same time.

I found it nice that people still care about small films like this. I am sure there are many films that have been lost forever, but it’s a great thing when companies like Shameless take the time to dig these forgotten treasures out and restore them. Footprints on the Moon is a film that, given time, will stay with you long after your first viewing.

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