Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 13 Review: “Into The Wild”

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From the events in the previous episode of Vampire Diaries, “A View to A Kill” (spoilers ahead), the path to the cure has been revealed. Now the only thing stopping the Vampire Diaries gang from finding Silas is time. What will happen once the cure is discovered? And who will die in the process? Let’s find out where the 13th episode of the 4th season of vampire Diaries takes us.

“Into The Wild” opens with the gang arriving on an Island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Remote, unpopulated, and creepy, it’s the perfect atmosphere for the unearthing of the first immortal being, and perhaps the most powerful and evil creature of all time. They are looking for the cure, and learn from Shane that Silas has been buried somewhere on this island.

We learn a bunch of things from Shane on this trip to uncover the cure (most to be revealed ahead), but the most interesting, I have to say, is what Shane reveals about where Silas is buried. According to his emotional explanation when pressed about how he knows the burial site, Shane reveals that after the death of his son and wife, he heard about a mystical well which, with the sacrifice of blood, will allow one to be reunited with the one that they love. Shane then tells the Vampire Diaries gang about how he made his way to this spot, and sacrificed his own blood over the earth in this well. Within moments, he was greeted by his wife, who was as real to him as any other living being (think of when Matt was reunited with Viki during that whole undead-earth debacle in the earlier seasons of Vampire Diaries). In addition to this, Shane also proceeds to tell the Vampire Diaries gang about how the well was originally discovered – when a group of miners slowly went insane while digging on the island and began to drain themselves of their own blood until every one of them had died.

While curious on its own, when Shane proceeds to tell another story about how a group of college students who came to the island were found drained of all their blood  I am led to another interesting conclusion. That Silas, not the originals, is in fact the oldest, and true original vampire. I cannot think of another reason why any living creature in the presence of Silas’s tomb would be compelled to bleed themselves dry, save for the fact that Silas’s essence is twisting their minds to force them into enabling the continuation of his own immortality. This raises another interesting point – which is one testament to the Vampire Diaries universe. That all things must have a balance. For werewolves – the moon. Vampires, the sun and blood, and any truly immortal creature, they must take life, or blood, to maintain their own.

While this all may seem like speculation, we all know that Vampire Diaries is not one to give us what we expect. For some reason, I feel that the vision Shane saw of his wife in the well was not actually the spirit of his wife, but a vision imparted to him by the imprisoned Silas. Why would I think this? Simply because everything the reanimated vision of Shane’s wife told him is too good to be true. That all that died to resurrect Silas will be reborn, and that Silas will bring back from the dead the ones shane loves most. And that Silas, who has been trapped for thousands of years with the cure (meaning, a way to kill himself and free himself from the pain of immortality) is hell bent on being resurrected and able to take his fury out on the world.

I believe that just as Shane is hypnotizing Bonnie, that he in turn has been hypnotized by the spirit of Silas, and that Silas is using Shane as a pawn to bring about his freedom. As we have learned time and time again in the Vampire Diaries universe, everything has a consequence. No spell can be used without a balance. Even expression, which is magic freed from the guidance of nature, requires the sacrifice of human essence in order to power its spells. If this is true, what then must Silas do to resurrect the dead?

As Shane revealed, when his son died, his wife, who was a witch (something which up until this point no one knew, and Bonnie herself was taken aback by) attempted to use expression to raise her son from the dead. Shane admitted that his wife was a powerful witch, but even with her power, attempting to reanimate someone after death had taken them proved to be too much, and she succumbed to the forces she was trying to use. If this is the case, what will become of Bonnie when she tries to bring back Silas? And what will be lost in the balance if Silas is risen and does bring his servants back from the dead? It is a horrifying thought, and one which I think the Vampire Diaries gang is not yet ready to face.

Things on this island are getting intense. But more problematic are all the pesky relationships which keep lighting fires between all the Vampire Diaries protags. Let’s explore them below.


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As we discovered in the last episode of Vampire Diaries, Klaus almost went Psycho after he discovered that Elena killed his brother, Kol. Yet through Bonnie’s magic, Klaus was trapped in Elena’s house until the power of the moon began to wane – or, approximately 3 days time. Until then, he was bound and helpless in the Gilbert kitchen. And thus, prevented from killing anyone and left to stew in his own melancholy.

Yet this is when Tyler and Caroline, who have mysteriously been absent from the past two episodes, suddenly show up. Tyler is in Elena’s house and gloating over Klaus, who is as moody and mercurial as ever. Things even seem to be going Tyler’s way, until Caroline shows up and begins to try to get Tyler to leave. Some pointless banter ensues, and then Klaus somehow gets Caroline to get close enough to him so he can pull her into where he is trapped, and bites her with his werewolf venom. Tyler attempts to beg Klaus to heal her, but he is relentless and refuses to help him  especially considering how moments before Tyler was gloating about all the ways he was going to kill Klaus. Then something interesting happens.

Tyler brings Caroline back to Elena’s house, and leaves her on the floor in front of Klaus, telling Klaus that if he wants her to die, that’s fine, but that he is going to have to sit and watch her. While at first Klaus acts stoic, after talking to Caroline his armor begins to crack.

As we all know, all the originals are nothing more than hurt puppies. Finn hated being a vampire – which is why he let Esther kill him. Klaus and Rebekah just want to be loved, and Elijah is off being honorable or something somewhere. As has been obvious for the past few episodes, and even into the last season of Vampire Diaries, Klaus is in love with Caroline. While we aren’t exactly sure why, it can be assumed it is because of all the characters in the show, Caroline didn’t lose her humanity when become a vampire, but in fact, her transformation amplified it. She is the only vampire who is still truly in contact with her past self, and because of this helps the other vampires stay grounded in reality.

Because of this, Klaus feels a connection to her. Of all the characters in the show, she has been the only one to pull Klaus out of his shell, and to compel him to show another side of himself – one who cares. While Klaus originally intended to kill Caroline to punish Tyler – while she is in the final moments of her life, Caroline begins to break through to Klaus. Above all the other things she says, when she confesses “I know you are in love with me, and anyone capable of love is someone who can be saved” Klaus is finally, after all these thousands of years, able to see the light. And is assured, possibly for the first time, that there is some part of him which is worth saving. Needless to say, he saves Caroline from her slow and painful death.

Most interesting about the 13th episode in the 4th season of Vampire Diaries, “Into The Wild”, we are confronted with something which I predicted a while back – That the originals, who have up until this point been painted as murderous, evil and mercurial beings, will be given a chance to save themselves, and become closer to their original human selves after all this time.

To further this point, take a look at Rebekah…



Up until this point, and especially after “A View to a Kill”, we have all been shown the more human side of Rebekah. While arguably she was a loose-cannon bitch after the Vampire Diaries mid-season premiere, Rebekah is probably one of my favorite Originals. After all, in this episode, nothing spoke more to her wounded self after she admits that being an Original is miserable, eternity is not worth it, and that she would do anything to be human again. (This is something we can clearly see Klaus is experiencing as well, but that he is too angry and manly to admit it).

And this is where “Into the Wild” takes a turn, which I really liked. While Elena, up until this point in the show, has always appeared to be the level headed and intelligent one, suddenly all her attack on Rebekah look petty and immature. After all, Rebekah came here willingly and  had revealed to Stefan – after giving him the headstone and showing her where the white oak dagger is, that she completely trusts him.

Things only turn around when, in an act of pure altruism, Rebekah saves Elena’s life (ironically while she’s bitching about how much she hates Rebekah), and does not expect anything in return. When confronted about her actions, Rebekah simply reminds Stefan that she only killed human Elena to save her family, and that she is only acting the same as everyone else is – trying to protect the ones they love. She reminds Stefan that Elena has helped kill two of her brothers, and that she is the one who has been betrayed and hurt, not them.

In return, Elena tries to reconcile with Rebekah by returning the white oak stake, which culminates in some strange love-triangle alliance.

My only question is, how many love triangles can Elena be in at one time?


Shane has run away with the tombstone, Bonnie and Jeremy. Elena, Stefan and Rebekah are now off searching for the the cure on their own. Who will find Silas, and when he is found, what will happen? Stay tuned for our recap of next week’s episode!

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