Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 14 Review: “Down The Rabbit Hole”

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The last episode of Vampire Diaries, “A View To A Kill”, revealed a lot about the cure: its location, Shane’s involvement, and the new power struggle between the characters. With only a handful of episodes left in season 4, a lot is about to go down in the struggle to find the first true original, and to find the cure to vampirism. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at what happened in season 4 episode 15 of Vampire Diaries —”Down The Rabbit Hole”.

Before I start recounting the episode, one of the coolest revelations I had during “Down the Rabbit Hole” was the subtle completion (in my mind at least) of the vampire creation myth. I had always assumed that when Esther created the original family, the reason they needed to drink blood was due to the balance of nature; that in order to extend life. you need to take it. However, I seem to have come to another conclusion during this episode—that the taking of life is not a balancing act, but instead an extension of the dark magic used to create vampires in the first place.

First, there is mounting evidence that Esther found and used the spell that was used on Silas to create the original family. Why? Well, perhaps the most obvious evidence should be tied to Qetsiah and Bonnie. Clearly Bonnie is a descendant of Qetsiah, and perhaps one of her prodigy passed the knowledge of the spell along. That aside, I suddenly realized something. Qetsiah and Silas were powerful practitioners of expression, and used said magic to create the first truly immortal being. Expression is powered from human life, and thus the truth behind the existence and nature of vampires. In order to maintain the spell of immortality, human life must be taken, which is why they must feed on blood and are compelled to kill.

Was this said in the show? No—however, it is a prediction of mine and I just had to get it out there!

Anyway, a whole bunch happened in this episode, starting with:

ONE OF THE FIVE  AND DAMONstefan_rebekah_hunter-vampire-diaries_down-the-rabbit-hole_season-4-episode-14_you-won-cannes

As we saw at the end of last episode, Damon gets captured by one of the five. He is hung up and tortured for answers – although it doesn’t really seem necessary. The hunter already knows about Damon, Stefan, and the rest of mystic falls. (Apparently, he has done his homework).

Aside from the rest of the hullabaloo over getting Damon to speak, he reveals something interesting. Up until this point, the purpose of the five has simply been “to kill vampires.” There hasn’t been much rhyme or reason, except to assume that they were created to protect humanity. However, this hunter lets slip that the mission of the five is to kill Silas, not just to kill vampires.

This is interesting for several reasons. First, they could only have learned about Silas’ whereabouts from Qetsiah, or one of her descendants.  And second, why did killing vampires create the map? Was that part of expression as well, to find Silas? Or is there another type of magic involved here… one that we don’t know about yet?

All this just solidifies in my mind that Silas must be the true original vampire, and that the originals are most likely a derivative of the magic used to create him. All along the map has not been the road to the cure to rid the world of vampirism, but rather has been a map to Silas, and was to be used to force the cure upon him.

They then wander around for a bit, and end up in some cave where the hunter tries to kill Damon. Rebekah, who had just run off from trying to get the cure for herself, gets a dagger bomb in her heart and is knocked unconscious (this damn girl can’t get a break, can she?) and then the hunter runs off into the depths of the caverns, hell bent on reviving Silas and feeding him the cure.


At first you cannot figure Klaus out. Is he resigned to his fate, that he will lose the cure and be forced to fight for his life, or is he being tricksy? After all, he does help Tyler and Caroline decode the hunter’s mark using the hunter’s sword (which we find out has been written in Aramaic, a language Klaus just so happens to know). They suddenly discover to location of the cure, Caroline makes a decoding Da Vinci code reference, and we assume that all is good.

It is then revealed in a dramatic montage between Klaus, Caroline and Rebekah (on the phone) that there is only one dose of the cure. While Caroline is on the phone with Rebekah, Klaus says he wants Rebekah to be happy, and lets slip that there is only one dose—obviously to force Rebekah to wreak havok.

Now, we have at least 4 people who will be vying for the cure, perhaps more. What was once a fight to simply get to Silas has now become a war to get the cure, get Silas, and stop Klaus from killing the entire cast of Vampire Diaries.

Amongst everything else that is happening in this episode of Vampire Diaries, Klaus has yet to relent on his bloodthirst for Tyler. Caroline attempts to talk Klaus out of it, but she is met by his pigheaded ways. Not only does Caroline reveal to Klaus that she wouldn’t want the cure, accidentally admitting that she wouldn’t want to return to her weak, nonconfident human self, when she tries to talk to Klaus, he refuses to spare Tyler’s life, and instead only says he will mercifully give him a head start.

Tyler and Caroline are now forced to say goodbye again. They will forget one another and never see each other until they find a way to do so without the fear of Klaus. Caroline doesn’t want him to stay for her, and Tyler knows that his only way to freedom is to leave Mystic Falls forever.

Because of events in the episode (to be mentioned later), the spell trapping Klaus is released. He walks out of the house and confronts Caroline, where he confesses that any scrap of humanity, of compassion and forgiveness, has been because of her.

Clearly he is trying to change, but the path has been slow, and it is yet to been seen what course he will take now that the cure is up for grabs.

ELENA, STEFAN, AND REBEKAHelena-stefan-rebekah_vampire-diaries_down-the-rabbit-hole_season-4-episode-14_you-won-cannes

Since their big blowout over the Damon love scandal, Elena and Stefan finally have the chance to talk to one another about each other, the cure, and why they want it. Stefan admits he wanted to be human with Elena, but it wasn’t exclusive to Elena, and that after all his years of being a vampire he would give it up for a chance to be human again. Rebekah is a bit jealous, but for now, Elena and Stefan remain friends.

After receiving the location of the cave from Rebekah (from the map decoded by Klaus, Tyler and Caroline), Stefan, Elena and Rebekah make their way towards the cure. Rebekah tells Stefan about the one dose (which as you remember she heard from Klaus on the phone). When Stefan admits that even if Rebekah gave him the cure to ease his suffering, he would give it to Elena, she breaks his neck to prevent him from getting to the cure, and then runs into the cave. Elena, who managed to hide, goes back to Stefan and feeds him blood.

While at first she is going so far as to say says she doesn’t deserve the cure, the two suddenly realize that the second Bonnie’s spell wears off, Klaus will kill all of them for what they’ve done to Kole. Without any other choice now, they must find the cure if only to return him to his human self and save their lives. After running through the caves to find the cure (since Stefan stayed behind to help Damon as described above), Elena is suddenly attacked by an old nemesis.


With Bonnie and Jeremy captured at the end of the last episode of Vampire Diaries, it seems as if they will be the first to discover Silas and the cure. We are left with only the knowledge that they, and only they, have all the ingredients to revive the most powerful creature in the Vampire Diaries universe.

When Shane takes them down into the well where he sacrificed his blood and saw his wife, Bonnie falls while climbing down, spilling some of her blood onto the ground. While seemingly unimportant at first, they discover where they stand is the entrance to where Silas has been entombed. With Shane’s help, Bonnie uses the magic embedded in Jeremy’s tattoo to open the door to Silas. As she casts the spell the tattoo disappears, as do the tattoos on the other hunters as well. Yet when Bonnie opens the gate, Shane breaks his leg, leaving him helpless and trapped. While he begs for their help, Bonnie and Jeremy leave him to his fate as they go deeper into the cave where Silas is buried.

They are at first lost in a cavern (similar to the underground tunnels in Mystic Falls), but before long we discover that Bonnie is being drawn to Silas. She is seeing Grams—the blood she spilled onto the ground awoke Silas for long enough to revive enough of his power to make her hallucinate her dead grandmother—who is begging her to revive Silas in order to bring her back permanently and to return life to the way it was before everything went to hell.

While at first the magic used by Silas seems to be working, in a reverse on the “stop” Bonnie has put into Jeremy to prevent him from killing Elena, Jeremy grabs on to Bonnie’s arm and attempts to talk some sense into her. While she thinks the blood brought Grams back from the dead, Jeremy reveals that it is nothing more than a hallucination brought on by Silas. It takes a moment, but Bonnie eventually sees truth in his words and Grams suddenly disappears.

If nothing else, this scene shows how powerful Silas is. With even a drop of blood, he has the power to see into your mind and “bring back” those who you love most—even after being entombed and dehydrated for several thousand years. It can only be imagined what he will become if he rises and is brought back to his full power.

After some walking, Jeremy and Bonnie finally find where Silas has been buried. Wrapped in chains and vines, it appears as if Silas is so old that he has been desiccated nearly to stone. The cure, so close now, is held tightly between his hands. So tight, and for so long, that it has been frozen into place by his mummified body. It is then that Bonnie realizes that in order to move him, they must feed him their blood to awake him before they can take the cure.

Before they have the chance however, shit gets nasty real fast. The hunter appears out of nowhere, stabs Bonnie (releasing Klaus from her spell back in the Gilbert house) and then beats the shit out of Jeremy. He is about to revive Silas when none other than Katherine appears, knocks him unconscious, and uses Jeremy’s blood to revive Silas.

Katherine grabs the cure and runs, leaving Jeremy and Bonnie in the tomb. Silas’s body comes to live, grabs onto Jeremy, drains his blood and snaps his neck. From the camera’s slow pull away from his body, it seems that Jeremy has been killed.

Maybe I missed something but did he still have his ring on? If so, did being a hunter negate the ring? And if he didn’t have the ring, where did it go? Did I miss that? Did they really just kill Jeremy???

This shows gettin’ real serious, REAL FAST! Stay tuned for my recap of next week’s episode, “Stand By Me”.


For all intents and purposes, Silas is the first vampire. What I would like to know is… is he somehow a different kind of vampire? Was his ability to see into the minds of those whose blood he consumed magic or just the skill of a vampire who is thousands of years old? As we learned from the transition of Bonnie’s mother, once you become a vampire, you lose your connection to the spiritual world of magic. But does expression surpass this? Is Silas not only an immortal vampire, but also an immortal vampire witch?

Also, does vervain work on him? Does he burn in the sun? For all we know, the things that weakened vampires in Esther’s spells may be unique to her magic. It will be interesting to discover what Silas actually is and if anyone has the power to stop him.

Also, just a point of technicality. If Qetsiah and Silas are from the middle east, which I would assume because A) Qetsiah is a Hebrew name and B) they spoke Aramaic, how the hell did they end up in Canada? Hopefully we’ll find out before the seasons undoubtedly climactic end!

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