Big Ass Spider Trailer Does Not Impress


Not that I had any high hopes for this, in fact, the only reason I decided to watch the Big Ass Spider trailer was how shocked I was by another giant spider movie coming out in 2013. Although at this rate why should I be surprised? There are also two hunter/slayer re-envisioning of old fairy tales coming out, before that there were three Snow White movies…. all the way back to Volcano and Dante’s Peak (and before that, and before that…) Yet where I found Spiders 3D to be ridiculous (especially at the prospect of 3D spiders jumping out all over the place,) Big Ass Spider did nothing for me. It didn’t even make me feel uncomfortable, and I hate spiders.

Big Ass Spider, which is going to be screened at the SXSW midnighters section, is pretty self explanatory. It’s about a giant alien spider that escapes some lab and wreaks havoc on LA, until some exterminators show up and try to kill it. The effects remind me of the 1963 Jason And The Argonauts, and the jokes they are attempting to make aren’t funny (the last few seconds of the trailer include some guy reciting a spiderized version of the 2010 Antoine Dodson “hide your kids, hide your wife” song in some really outdated reference to that rape thing, or whatever happened). Regardless, the spider runs around, kills people, and whatever. Maybe I’ll end up being wrong about the movie, but this trailer definitely sucks.

Check out the trailer below and let me know if you feel any differently!

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