Leviathan Documentary Trailer Captivates

Leviathan Trailer

At two minutes and thirty seconds, the trailer for the upcoming documentary Leviathan seems inundating. After all, a doc about fisherman may be a little unnecessary at this point,(just think about the existing ‘reality’ shows on the same subject, such as Lobstermen, The Most Dangerous Catch, and so on… and especially other large Hollywood films like The Perfect Storm (I know it’s a little old, but it instantly popped into my mind the second I heard what Leviathan was about), what more is there to say on fishermen on film?

But, the concept behind Leviathan was not what grabbed my attention. The poster, which is fiercely typographic and almost Hitchcockian in its imagery, is so striking that I had to view the trailer. And even after learning about the subject, the taste and design of its advertising had me so intrigued, I knew the film was more than just another Most Dangerous Catch.

Everything about the trailer is stunning; the imagery and sound are haunting, almost terrifying. The characters – a group of nameless sea hardened men – stand on a dark ship in silence, gutting and seemingly manhandling the bodies of dead fish. We are shown not the glory, but the underbelly of the fishing industry: corpses, blood, and rough seas. It’s bleak and haunting,  yet somehow compels the viewer (or at least me, I probably shouldn’t be speaking for people I don’t know), to want to see and know more. A quote about the film from The New York Times “Looks and Sounds like no other documentary in memory” couldn’t be more appropriate. If the final product is as compelling as this trailer, Leviathan will definitely be worth your time.

Check out the trailer for Leviathan and its movie poster below to get an idea of what I’m talking about.




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