Full Moon’s Ooga Booga to Premiere Online


Full Moon is offering fans a chance to watch the politically incorrect Ooga Booga before it hits DVD via their new Grindhouse streaming service at http://grindhouseflix.com/. The movie will premiere online Tuesday, March 12, 2013. Fans can pay $1.99 to stream Ooga Booga on any Wi-Fi enabled device. The film stars Karen Black, Stacy Keach and Ooga Booga!

A GrindhouseFlix iOS and Android app is also available for smartphones and tablets. The streaming service offers users the chance to watch bizarre cult films released under the Full Moon Grindhouse label. It currently features 28 films with the promise of four new film releases each week. Users can pay a $4.99 monthly subscription fee for unlimited access, or rent and buy movie individually.

Revenge is served on a spear when dirty cops brutally murder DEVIN, an innocent African-American med student. Devin’s soul is magically transferred into the body of an action figure named OOGA BOOGA. Armed only with his tribal weapon and the help of his old girlfriend, DONNA, Ooga Booga takes to the streets and trailer parks to find the men who stole his bright future away from him. The bodies begin to pile up as Ooga Booga slices and dices his way through crooked cops, meth heads and demented city officials in order to clear his name. Racists beware! You won’t even have enough time to scream, “Ooga Booga!”



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