It’s A Disaster Vine Release Is Quirky, But Tries Too Hard

Its A Disaster Vine Release

It’s A Disaster, the new ensemble film from Todd Berger (starring David Cross and Julia Styles) has been stirring up quite a bit of buzz recently. The film now has the designation of being the first film released, ahead of its VOD release on March 5th and limited theater release on April 15th, on  Twitter’s new 6 second looping video app, Vine. At 6 seconds each, the clips are perfect to watch in a hurry, however it seems strange to me to market an entire film in this format.

Personally, I don’t see how I could get engaged in It’s A Disaster when having to break the rhythm of the film over and over again every 6 seconds. And at 1 hour 28 min, the film is going to be released in over 800 6 second long infinitely looping videos. That’s absurd. I could see a lot of these being interesting, perhaps even taking a life of their own, and the idea of seeing much of the film out of context is also intriguing (I can think of hundreds of moments in films I’ve seen where I wished I could have captured them and repeated them forever).

Unfortunately, considering its potential, something about this release seems a little gimmicky to me. Now, had the film been formatted to exclusively debut on Vine, and had been formatted as a Vine narrative, now that could have been really intriguing. But breaking up a film into over 800 small films to view on Vine seems to me like the distributor was simply looking to gain the notoriety of being the first film to debut on Vine, and not much else.

Then again, the film is called It’s A Disaster. And watching a 90 minute movie 6 seconds at a time sounds a lot like a disaster. Maybe this is just a brilliantly clever publicity stunt.

But who knows, I’ll be giving it a look and I highly encourage you to do so as well. Check out Oscilloscope Labs Twitter here and try the 6 second film out for yourself!

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