These Movie Posters: February Part 2

Movie Posters

There are a bunch out there, but only 4 movie posters have made it to the second part of this months movie posterpalooza! Check them out, and why their worth looking at, below!

1. IT’S A DISASTERIt's A Disaster Poster

I really like the feeling of this poster. Maybe it’s because I’m terrified of the apocalypse (or maybe its because I really enjoy the Fallout series), but films about the end of the world, or at least something that causes mass death are always interesting to me. However, if this was all the movie poster for It’s A Disaster offered, it wouldn’t be too interesting. It would only tickle my morbid fancy.

But this poster does something I always admire in design: The quote aside, It quickly, clearly, and (after viewing the trailer) accurately depicts what the film is about. While you may not get the exact details, within five seconds of looking at It’s A Disaster’s movie poster, the viewer can make a fairly informed  and fairly accurate guess  about what the movie is, and how it is going to feel.


If anything, the movie poster for Spiders 3D is grabbing for one reason alone: How stupid it looks. Giant spiders (that aside from their legs, don’t particularly look like spiders) New York City aflame, and a guy and a baby (or a lady, I’m not exactly sure what he’s holding). I have the highest of low hopes for this film, and when I go see it, I anticipate (and require) many 3D spider shenanigans.


I was stunned by the design of the movie poster for Leviathan. The design is dark and haunting – reminiscent of Hitchcock’s The Birds – and intensely typographic. At a first glance, one would never assume that this documentary is about fisherman off the waters of New England. The black lettering and subject matter look more of the comings of a terrifying omen than a story about fishing. The attention put into the design of the poster let’s the viewer know that there is more to this film than meets the eye, and that they should expect more from Leviathan than they’ve been shown about fishing from the discovery channel’s hit show Most Dangerous Catch.

4. NO PLACE ON EARTHno-place-on-earth-poster

Like Leviathan‘s poster, the movie poster for No Place On Earth is dark and haunting. The design is desolate, bleak, and otherworldly. At first looking like nothing more than a cave, we discover that the hole cut into the earth is actually the flame of a burning candle. From my vague understanding of what the film is about, this quite powerfully creates the feeling of loss and desperation the family who hid in caves during the holocaust must have felt – and how, after years of hiding in the darkness, how much the world can change.


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