Upside Down Trailer Visually Stunning, But Will The Story Hold Up?

Upside Down Trailer

As the title suggests, the trailer for the upcoming film Upside Down, written and directed by Juan Solanas, looks beautiful. Twin planets, opposing gravity, and all sorts of visual shenanigans allows a lot of potential for the film to really blow us away. But will the story follow suit? Essentially a Romeo & Juliet on a planetary scale, the story looks like it could fall flat unless the concept of opposing gravity, love, and its visuals all come together to make a coherent and compelling story.

In a nutshell, Upside Down is about two planets (precariously close to one another) that are bound by opposing gravity. On each planet, things function much like our own. Yet when a citizen from one planet finds their way to the other, things start to look a lot like Shel Silverstein’s Falling Up; where you rise down and, well, fall up. One planet is rich, the other is poor, and unfortunately two people from up and down land (or whatever they call it) find themselves hopelessly in love with one another. Except that’s a big nono, and everyone gets mad.

If this were it I wouldn’t be interested, but again that’s where the visuals come into play. In one striking scene (which really plays off the inability for citizens of one planet to be on the other) towards the end of the trailer, one of the characters has weighed themselves down in order to abide the gravity of the opposing planet, jumps into some body of water to escape pursuit – removes the weights, floats up out of the water, through the sky, and back down into the ocean on his own planet.

It sounds pretty stupid when I write it that way, but there really isn’t another way to explain it. Just watch the damn trailer and you’ll see what I mean. (I also liked the part where Kirsten Dundst drinks a martini from an upside down glass)

So, to wrap all this nonsense up, The trailer for Upside Down looks good, but will the concept be executed well enough to carry it through to a full feature? Or will the novelty of it wear of in, well, two minutes and thirty seconds?

Let me know your thoughts!

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