Movie Review: Ooga Booga (2013, Dir. Charles Band)

Ooga Booga 2013, Dir. Charles Band

Charles Band’s new streaming service really captures the essence of the grindhouse experience. The website looks like it was designed on Angelfire in the 1990s, and creating and accessing your account can be a nightmare if you make even one mistake. When I finally figured out how to rent Ooga Booga, I couldn’t get the movie to go full screen and I was forced to watch the entire film in a small box. It’s like Band re-imagined the rundown theaters of 42nd street on the internet. All you need is $2, a few junkie friends, a sticky floor, and will transport you to the sleazy 1970s world of second-run theaters.

Like most recent Full Moon offerings, Ooga Booga starts off with a 25-minute infomercial for Band’s newest replicas. There is Joe Cracker, Hambo the Ranch Hand, Crack Whore, Butt Pirate, The Gook and Ooga Booga. These politically incorrect action figures were created by the real life Hambo the Clown. Hambo is the alcoholic host of some kids television show, and the friend of Devin, who eventually becomes Ooga Booga. The Badass Dolls product placement is really an all time low for Band since none of the characters (besides Hambo and Ooga) actually appear in the movie. Luckily Chance A. Rearden’s Hambo was entertaining enough to make the segment work, and the infomercial doesn’t drag the movie down. Plus it is pretty funny that Band’s politically incorrectness seems so 2000-and-late. The Gook and Butt Pirate seem like racist jokes my great grandfather would tell.

Full Moon's Ooga Booga Badass Dolls

After the infomercial was finished I was only concerned with seeing Devin’s girlfriend Donna (Ciarra Carter) naked, and thankfully Band delivered! Not only does she have a decent nude shower scene, but it was one of the funniest moments of the entire film because it involved Ooga Booga jerking off. There is also a rape scene that reminded me of House on the Edge of the Park since it makes no fucking sense.

After Devin is killed by the racist Officer White his soul is merged (thanks to a broken slurpee machine) with a large Ooga Booga doll given to him by Hambo. Ooga and Donna then set out to get revenge on White, a corrupt judge played by Stacy Keach, and the three hoodlums who committed the crime Devin was framed for. For some reason Donna decides to let herself get raped by the three hoodlums. I think she was trying to steal some keys or some shit, but I’m not sure. Anyway, it may or may not have something to do with the plot, but who cares!

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone who is not a Full Moon or Syfy movie junkie. Ooga Booga delivers just what you expect it to deliver: lots of politically incorrect humor, titties, and bad pot jokes. But what the movie really lacks is decent kills. The cheap computer effects add nothing to the film and will leave gore hounds highly disappointed. Thankfully Ooga Booga’s movement is a lot better than the stiff rod puppet performance given by the puppets in Puppet Master X, and Karen Black does turn in a great performance as a TV addicted nutjob. And yes, Black’s scene does turn into a kind of Trilogy of Terror homage once she squares off with Ooga.

The best parts of the movie are Devin’s cassette player and Ooga Booga’s theme music. Besides that, Ooga Booga is basically an even more ghetto version of Black Devil Doll. Fans of racially charged humor won’t be disappointed as there are a lot of fun ignorant words like “coon” thrown around. Ooga Booga is Full Moon’s best offering since the company’s resurrection, but that really isn’t saying much. However, I do look forward to possible sequels starring The Gook and Butt Pirate.

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