YWC Is On Its Way To A Mad Monster Party!

YWC goes Mad Monster Party!

Hey guys! It’s me, your slobmess host of Cannes, Madeleine! So right now, I’m beginning my trek to the Mad Monster Party convention in Charlotte, NC. I’ll be there all weekend, so expect a bunch of updates with photos and videos and write-ups of what’s up. The guest list is pretty sick. I’m very excited to meet Bruce Campbell (again!), both Gary and Jake Busey (oh god), Danny Glover (wait, what?), David Naughton, Linnea Quigley, and a Burmese Python. And everyone else. Also: Jaws Reunion. Hell yes. Also, I highly encourage you to stop by my buddy Skullclown‘s booth and check out what he’s been sculpting for the con. He makes some amazing stuff. Seriously, this is going to rule.

Say hello if you are there! I’ll be live-tweeting what I’m up to on the @YouWonCannes twitter. Mad Monster Party opens its doors tomorrow, Friday the 22nd, at 6PM. I hope to see you there!

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