Breaking Fat: Big Girls, Big Laughs, Big Trouble

Breaking Fat

I think my first response to someone telling me that there was a YouTube web series, parodying AMC’s Breaking Bad, called Breaking Fat, would be to tell that person that they were an asshole. Even if that person was just the messenger, with no involvement to the project whatsoever. Let me tell you, it would have been one of the very few times in my life that I was very fucking wrong.

I was caught slightly off guard by this show. One day, I just happened to click a link in one of Lindsay Hollister’s tweets, and BAM! Bitch-slapped. Breaking Fat is fucking genius. The last line of the first episode had me asphyxiating from hysterics. I was instantly an addict, like the first time I tried meth, or ate raw beef. Now I find myself waiting desperately each week for a new episode.

The show was created by, written, directed, and stars Lindsay Hollister. You may know her as Blubberella. If not, you fucking should! The show also stars Rakefet Abergel, Katherine Vanderlinden, Brian Houtz, and Sarah Hagan… yeah, that’s right. Fucking Millie from Freaks and Geeks!

The show follows Becca, Kibblets, and Sunshine as they try to maintain a meth-head life style in our current economy. Don’t worry, it’s not some preachy satirical bullshit. It’s just straight up fun. The deepest metaphor on the show is the play on the name Heisenberg, being Hindenburg, alluding to the fact that everything will eventually crash and burn. I don’t know if that was even intentional. Whatever. And besides, fucking Millie pops up every so often, which is just delicious. I’m not sorry if I sound creepy about this at all. (Editor, leave that line alone.)

Every episode that I watch makes me think of that scene in The Princess Bride when Wesley chokes out Fezzik and says, “I do not envy you the headache you will have when you awake. But for now, rest well and dream of large women.”  If these were the women in Fezzik’s dreams, there would be a deleted scene of Andre the Giant rubbing one out.

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, big girls, or just straight up fun, then you need to be watching Breaking Fat. If you watch it and don’t like it, you’re a giant cunt and you deserve to have your face ripped off by a pack of wild meth-heads!

Watch the trailer below and catch up with all current episodes at the Breaking Fat YouTube page.

Breaking Fat



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