MAD Z Productions Announces New Slate of Horror Films

MAD Z Productions Presents Box

MAD Z Productions announced today that they have teamed up with Obolus Entertainment to produce a new horror anthology entitled Box. The new film features seven segments tied together by a frame about a box that terrorizes anyone who dares to open it. MAD Z has released one sheets for first five segments of the film. You can see them all at the MAD Z Productions website. Box is currently in pre-production with a shoot date of June 2013, and a tentative 2014 release.

MAD Z Productions has also announced that Killing Brooke is now available on DVD. The DVD includes an audio commentary with cast & crew, blooper reel, trailers and Colin Allen’s Video Diaries behind the scenes making of Killing Brooke. Killing Brooke won the Scream Queen Award at the 2013 Killer Film Festival. You can visit to order the DVD now, and find out more about other upcoming films like the remake of the 1971 Italian classic The Devil’s Nightmare.

Killing Brooke Synopsis:

Freespirited party girl Brooke Porter and her wife Chloe are celebrating their recent wedding when they meet a handsome, lady-killing drifter at a bar. But they soon learn that a drunken night of debauchery will lead them down the road to terror. Pursued by a vicious, psychopathic madman, Brooke is propelled into a struggle for survival; one that will push her to the limits physically and emotionally.

“It was meant to be a day she’d never forget. Now it’s become a night she may never survive.”

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