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David Lynch's The Hotel Room

Now that the modern master of genre-infused oddities is essentially out of the filmmaking world, with the exception of his music video for this year’s “Came Back Haunted” from Nine Inch Nails and assorted short-form documentary pieces, fans of David Lynch have been left with revisiting his many cryptic works as they slowly but surely make their way to the digital age. As his work travels through streaming services and are receiving updated releases on Blu-ray, a new generation of fans are discovering his endearingly esoteric and fascinating work by the day. Yet, as any good cinephile can tell you, even a filmmaker with a profile as high as Lynch is bound to have some works lost through the cracks.

Luckily, that digital age can also be somewhat of a time capsule for these supposedly lost works, as lost footage, and even entire lost projects, have surfaced within the last few years. Lynch lovers can now mark Lynch’s The Hotel Room amongst those projects as Indiewire recently rediscovered the HBO miniseries in its entirety on Youtube. In low-quality, assuredly ripped from the now out-of-print VHS, this upload is the first time the series has been available in years as the three episodes have never made their way onto DVD or Blu-ray via current rights holder CBS, nor have they been available on HBO’s streaming service, HBO-GO.

For those unfamiliar, The Hotel Room was executive produced by Lynch, Deepak Nayar, and Monty Montgomery, with the first and third directed by Lynch himself and the second installment directed by Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988) helmer James Signorelli. The project featured many of Lynch’s collaborators, including Wild At Heart (1990) writer Barry Gifford (who wrote both of Lynch’s episodes), Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalementi, and actors Alicia Witt, Freddie Jones, Harry Dean Stanton, and Crispin Glover. The project is shockingly straightforward for a Lynch production, although it is definitely creepy at times and quite hypnotic.

You can watch all 100 minutes of David Lynch’s The Hotel Room below.

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