DVD Review: House Of Darkness, House Of Light

House of Darkness, House of Light I had not known about the existence of the Perron family or the supernatural plight they went through until the movie The Conjuring (2013) was released this past summer. It’s based on the 10 haunted years they spent in their haunted farmhouse back in the 70s; famed paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, even investigated it at one point. It was reputed to be such an intense haunting the Warrens never talked much about it, if at all.

I didn’t end up seeing The Conjuring until it hit DVD (my review can be read here), but some months before that, I stumbled upon a posting on a message board that mentioned the non-fiction novel House Of Darkness, House Of Light, written by the eldest Perron sister, Andrea. It had recently been published, and supposedly there was a documentary in the works. I made a mental note of this, carried on with life, but I didn’t really pay attention to The Conjuring until it started to rack up a bunch of positive reviews.

In a nutshell, the movie hit me right between the eyes, in a good way. I covered all that in my review, so no need to repeat myself here. Finally, I stumbled upon House Of Darkness, House Of Light online again and saw cover art for this “documentary” I had read about months before. After hunting down a copy, I learned it’s not really an actual documentary. It’s basically just a two-hour interview with Andrea Perron, intercut with brief reenactments, but that’s not meant to demean in it anyway—in fact it’s a very enlightening interview.

To start off, the interview is conducted as part of this YouTube channel called, Mysterious World TV, which is run by two very attractive women (Devon Belanger and Angela Stockman). The opening credits that come up link to an episode of that show. The entire interview is conducted with Andrea on the far left, Devon in the middle and Angela on the right seated in leather chairs.

Next I should point out, for those who haven’t seen this yet, the events that The Conjuring cover were only a fraction of the paranormal activity the family endured. To get up to speed on what they discuss, and they just jump right into it, I would suggest you first read Volume 1 of Andrea’s book—it’s not imperative that you do to enjoy the film, but it’s helpful—for the discussion at times feels like you’re coming in on the middle of something with horrors either hinted at or only ever so briefly touched upon.

I personally have yet to read the books.

You’ll quickly learn, once the interview really gets into the meat and potatoes of this whole haunting, it’s not something you may have ever heard the likes of before. I consider myself an “armchair ghost hunter”, meaning I ghost hunt from a chair at home, and about the only thing I could really relate it to was perhaps the events surrounding Skinwalker Ranch.

It seems not only was their mother plagued by this Bathsheba entity, but the whole house and property seemed to have layers upon layers of stone tape recordings, intermingled with actual interactive, intelligent hauntings from a plethora of residents and animals that had lived there throughout its long history. But that’s even the really bizarre part of this whole thing. I really perked up when Andrea related a very Twilight Zone-esque event where she was home from college one Thanksgiving and was standing near the fireplace when an entity materialized next to her. An entity of a young woman in period garb that Andrea is dead certain was herself from a previous incarnation.

The women throw around some pretty interesting theories like alternate realities to try and explain what that was. Andrea believes she used to live at that house in a previous life but it seems to go deeper than that. Her and her sisters all had deju-vu when they moved into the farmhouse, like it was all so familiar, seemingly implying they all lived there in previous lives. Her mother actually bought the house, feeling compelled to while her husband was away and unaware of the purchase.

Hang on to your hats, the haunting gets even weirder when Andrea mentions she and her sisters have seen many UFOs over the property and the marks of something that had landed one time in the yard. What correlation extraterrestrials have with spiritual/demonic activity, she doesn’t even hazard a guess, and this UFO angle certainly left me dumbstruck as well. She goes on to relate an event that happened to her days before the taping of this interview, where she had close encounter with an alien presence. None of this extraterrestrial stuff is mentioned in any of the volumes, she states, because she wanted to keep the accounts of her supernatural childhood grounded more in “reality.”

Mysterious World TV initially released this interview on DVD back in July, it’s out of print now, but Echo Bridge Entertainment picked it up and re-released it with new cover art back in October. The 1.78:1 anamorphic transfer is good, but the audio gets glitchy from time to time. A disclaimer rolls across the screen near the end explaining paranormal activity is the reason for the glitches. Andrea’s recounting of her time on The Conjuring set and the supernatural wind that blew through and her innate psychic nature to attract entities does give some credence to why the audio might be messed up in this fashion. Of course, if you’re a skeptic, other more earthly reasons may occur to you.

All in all I found this a good companion piece to the movie and urge any fans of it to seek this out. It’s only $7 bucks on Amazon.

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