Blu-Ray Review: Iron Sky: Director’s Cut (Dir. Timo Vuorensola)



To function, that is the key,


When designing Iron Sky we wanted to give the

film a distinct, unique look. But not just any

look—we didn’t want things just to appear on

screen and look good, but everything needed to

have a proper function, a reason to exist in the

world we see so carefully created.


Together with our Production Designer Ulrika

Von Vegesack, Concept Artist/Art Director Jussi

Lehtiniemi, our whole visual effects team, our

set construction team and prop teams, we created

a world which could exist at least in theory.

My vision for Iron Sky was always to walk the

thin line between the completely ridiculous and

the theoretically possible, visiting both sides

of the imaginary line every now and then, but

in general giving the viewers and impression of

an alternative history that could have produced

what the world of Iron Sky eventually turned

out to be.


Timo Vuorensola

Director, Iron Sky


(Page 1 of the Concept Art booklet

that comes with this version)


I was reviewing Knights Of Badassdom a couple of weeks ago and right after I put the disc in a trailer for this movie starts up.

“The Moon Nazis are back!”


I like to think even though there are movies in existence I have never seen, and/or will never care to see, I have, at least, heard of them, but as this particular trailer continued to play I had no clue what the hell I was watching.

It had something to do with Nazis living on the moon and planning to invade the earth.


There were scenes of Nazis ranting and raving at each other, a slow motion shot of a well dressed guy leaping all crazy into the air and copious shots of flying saucers and earth planes in combat and the CGI FX was beyond impressive!


Finally, the end of the trailer comes and the title of this nutzoid movie is revealed—IRON SKY !


I have heard of this flick. I remember it coming out a couple of years ago but ignoring it completely since I assumed it was some kind of World War II movie. War movies do nothing for me. I didn’t even watch any of the trailers or read any of the reviews.

So, this Iron Sky is about Nazis living on the moon?!

Yeah, I’m going to need to see that pronto!

Lucky for me this was a trailer for the just released Director’s Cut, with a whopping 20 minutes of restored footage. That’s a substantial amount of time that can either make or break a movie. Generally, the ones I have seen with that much footage or more restored are much better than their theatrical counterparts.

As I watched this “alternative history science fiction sction movie,” laced with what’s stated on the back of the DVD cardboard (it’s a steelbook) as “…tons of new, politically incorrect humor..” I learned the Nazis had the technology and the wherewithal to actually leave the earth and settle on the dark side of the moon without anyone from earth, (just about everyone) ever having the faintest clue.

As the movie opens it’s the year 2018 and the Republicans/Religious Fanatics have reclaimed the government and we now have Sarah Palin as President. Her name is never given when people address her, but you can tell it’s supposed to be her. I guess that means there’s a little bit of horror in this flick too.

A second manned mission is sent to the moon, this time as a PR stunt to get the President re-elected. “Black To The Moon,” is what it’s called so she can get more minorities to vote for her.  They hire a black, male model, James Washington (Christopher Kirby), and send him up with the white guy astronaut. They even have his spacesuit tailor made to something a black guy is supposed to like—a skintight, black space suit! .

Dear God this movie is a riot! Right out of the gate, too.

In the process of exploring the moon, the white guy is ambushed by Nazis and killed. James Washington is not. He is captured and brought back to the base. More hilarity ensues when they take his helmet off and see he’s black. Apparently, some Nazis on this base have never seen a black person before.

Before I return to Washington’s plight among the Moon Nazis we are also introduced to this hot “Earthologist” Nazi named, Renate Richter (Julia Dietze). She teaches the children Moon Nazis about earth, hence the term, Earthologist, and is supposed to marry Klaus Adler (Gotz Otto) who has been lined up to be the next Hitler of the Moon and of the Earth.

She doesn’t really like Adler. I can’t blame her; he’s your basic Nazi dick.

Meanwhile poor Washington has been put in the clutches of the evil Nazi doctor who pumps him with a serum that makes his skin white and gives him the urge to want to be a Nazi. That’s right, people; they made him a Caucasian Aryan.

This is movie just keeps getting better and better.

These Moon Nazis have spent the last 40 years creating this Death Weapon, kind of like the own Death Star, but smaller. It’s supposed to do bad things to Earth. They’ve also created an armada of flying Nazi saucers to invade Earth.

At this point I’m almost convinced Family Guy creator, Seth McFarlane, must be an executive producer or something, but that wasn’t the case, I checked the credits.

Adler decides to take a few men down to Earth to try and infiltrate the White House. Washington and Renate tag along. And by God they actually do reach the White House and manage to create some turmoil before unleashing their Nazi invasion in the last act.

This movie’s plot just keeps getting more absurd and insane as it goes long, with a requisite space battle with all the countries of the world’s space ships they’ve had secretly constructed going up against the Moon Nazis, and then each other with an ending that I think results in all the countries nuking one another.


No more Earth!

The special effects were on par with any big budget summer movie I have ever seen, most being CGI, of course, but really good-looking CGI.

I really enjoyed the song they run over the end credits. By someone, or a group, called, Laibach. Never heard of them, or her, or him. Stay past the credits, too, there’s one final scene where we get to see the evil Nazi doctor’s comeuppance.

Yup, I really enjoyed this movie.

File it under Strange Cinema on steroids.

This movie originally hit DVD and Blu-ray (separately) in 2012, as previously mentioned this new version (DVD/Blu-ray Combo Steelbook) is the Director’s Cut that restores 20 minutes of excised footage.

Video: 1080p 2.35:1 high definition anamorphic transfer was simply gorgeous.

Audio: English & German 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio/English & German 5.1 Dolby Digital

The main extra on this release is the Making-Of-Documentary (1:18:32). On the actual menu it’s labeled as a Making-Of-Featurette which gives one the impression you’re about to watch something short. Not the case. As you can tell by that runtime up there you’ve got a full-fledged doc that runs almost feature length. It took them 5 years to write the script, and it wasn’t till this doc that I suddenly recognized Peta Sergeant. She plays this hot, brash PR chick in the movie. She was also in this Scifi/horror flick I reviewed twice (once as a screener and once when it officially hit DVD) called, Crawlspace (2012). She also broke her leg during the making of Iron Sky.

Like most good documentaries it hits all the required notes, giving you insight into its inception, creation, filming, casting, visual effects and everything in between. I also learned all those New York scenes were filmed in Frankfurt, Germany.

You also get a Photo Gallery (1:23), a Theatrical Trailer, 3 Teasers and a 32 Page Exclusive Concept Art Book.

To think I would have never ended up reviewing this movie had I not reviewed Knights Of Badassdom and there was indeed a brief time when I wasn’t interested in doing that. It wasn’t until a couple of Facebook friends made posts saying how much they liked it and telling me a little bit about it that got me to change my mind.

Recently I heard there’s a sequel in the works, Iron Sky: The Coming Race. Bring it on I say. I’ll be waiting with open arms.

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