DVD Review: Premature (2014, Dir, Dan Beers)


I mentioned this movie in my Edge Of Tomorrow (2014) review, for both share the ‘Groundhog Day time loop angle’, and here I am reviewing it. I was hoping it would work out this way. I had seen the trailer for Premature this past spring and thought it looked absolutely hilarious. The movie is billed on the DVD cover as “Groundhog Day Meets American Pie” and I’d say that’s pretty damn accurate.

Before I start, this is the third movie I’ve seen where a three-breasted woman makes an appearance. In case you’re wondering the other two appearances were both in Total Recall, the original (1990) and the remake (2012). The movie starts off with Rob Crabbe (John Karna) having a sex dream and narrating it as it plays out. He’s having sex in the science lab, on a heart shaped bed with a chick with three boobs, the effects of which are very realistic.

He wakes with his underwear and his bed seriously stained, and wouldn’t you know it he didn’t have any covers over him when his mother bursts in to wake him for school.


Rob’s a senior and he’s prepping for this meeting with a rep from this college his father wants him to attend. Along the way we meet his best friend, Stanley (Craig Roberts), who has a very healthy sex life, and his girl friend (no, not his girlfriend, I mean his other friend who happens to be a girl), Gabrielle (Katie Findlay), one he’s know since grade school and the twelve year old high school brainiac, Arthur (Adam Riegler).

During the course of his and Stanley’s tutoring of another student in the school library the hot school tramp, Angela Yearwood aka “Afterschool Special” (Carlson Young), approaches and asks Rob if he can come over and help her. Rob is a virgin and this looks like his chance to finally get his ass deflowered.

To do this, though, he has to blow off his hang out date with Gabby, which clearly disappoints her. This is when things get weird. He makes it to Angela’s house, and in the process of making out he cums and—BANG!—he’s back in time, waking up in his bed early in the morning, right as his mother comes in and catches him all stained from his wet dream.

Like with most of these ‘trapped-in-a-time-loop’ movies, there always comes a moment when the day is relived over so much the main character just ceases to give a shit. It happened in Groundhog Day (1993), it happened in Edge Of Tomorrow (2014), I can’t recall if it happened on 12:01 (1993), but it happens in Premature as well. And those moments are predictably hilarious.

To reset the day in this movie all Rob has to do is have an orgasm, which he does several times inadvertently (a chick kicks him in the balls so hard and so many times he suddenly resets), and a couple of times on purpose.

Most of this movie is a hardcore raunchy comedy with it turning into a rom-com in the final half hour as we learn why the Universe decided to keep repeating this particualr day for him. All the characters are relatable, the dialogue and situations hilarious, and at times it took me back to my days in high school.

Alan Tudyk (Tucker from Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil) has a small part as, Jack Roth, the college rep.

Back on November 4th, MPI Home Video released this on DVD only.

Video/Audio/Subtitles: 2.40:1 widescreen—5.1 (English) Dolby Digital—English SDH, Spanish

Extras are many:


  • Dan Beers (Writer/Director) – 13:26
  • Matthew Harawitz (Co-writer) – 4:23
  • Alan Tydyk (Jack Roth) – 9:07
  • Katie Findley (Gabrielle) – 3:31
  • Craig Roberts (Stanley) – 1:09
  • Carlson Young (Angela Yearbood) – 2:33
  • John Karna (Rob Crabbe) – 7:32
  • Adam Riegler (Arthur) – 2:06
  • Karen Lunder (Producer) – 13:09
  • Aaron Ryder (Producer) – 12:51

Behind The Scenes With John Karna (7:08)
Alternate Ending (3:31)
Commentary With Writer/Director Dan Beers

Interviews are fairly standard with the actors, producers and director talking about the movie, origin, influences etc. The Behind The Scene With John Karna is basically an amusing comedy skit where Karna ego trips from time to time as he shows us around the set and we learn everyone seems to have a problem with him.  The Alternate Ending was not superior to what ended up in the film. Clearly the right decision was made here, and Dan Beers on the commentary is informative but it sounds like he’s commenting over a speaker.

I know the trailer showed a pretty funny film but as we all know trailers are meant to be deceptive and engineered to get asses into seats, so even though I wanted to review this in the back of mind I was wondering if it was really going to be any good, and whjat I saw was ten times better!

I highly recommend this movie.


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