Made-For-TV: Young Justice: Invasion (2012-2013) Blu-ray



By the time Season One of Young Justice was done and over, at the time, as I mentioned in the review of that season, I had only seen the opening two-parter, the ending episode and a couple of episodes in the middle, and I was left kind of luke warm to not overly interested in the show as a whole. When news first circulated about Season Two, the first thing that kind of got me “back in the game,” so to speak, was the ‘Invasion’ subtitle being added. What I instantly took from this was that Season Two was going to be “different” than Season One, and for me, at that moment, was a good thing. I think it was the eventual news about the plotline of Season Two and it’s shorter season that had me really interested but a little concerned.

I’ve never read any of the Young Justice comics so all I knew was that Season Two was going to be an adaptation of the alien invasion arc from it, and for reasons unknown this excited me. I think just knowing the creators of the show were trying to step up their game, to make the show better as it went on, to push it forward, yeah, that’s what was really pushing me to want to get back into it. On the other hand to hear the season was being cut down in the number of episodes it would be getting did not bode well. When this happens to any show it generally means cancellation will occur right after, and, well, it did with this series too.

Why was it cancelled?

I’ll get into more of that at the end of the review, for the “real reason” this quality hero toon was taken off the hair was mindblowingly idiotic, not to mention insanely sexist.

Anyhow, when the show finally aired, just like in the first season, I was into it. As each week passed by I just kept praying the animation stayed consistent, which it did, and the storyline stayed compelling, which it did. In the end I made it all the way to the final episode and loved every minute of it. If you’ve read my first season review you’ll see I now love that one, but still think this one is much better.

What Season Two did better than Season One was for one the shorter episode count, to me the story arc felt more cohesive, more connected, more like chapters in a novel. For another the story this time out was more dire and fraught with so many, “what the fuck?!” moments I literally was drooling for next week to come.

I was talking to this Facebook friend I have, who was also into the show, and he told me it felt like V: The Series, except with super-heroes. And he was absolutely right. It did feel like that with the aliens coming to Earth, proclaiming they’re peaceful, while at the same time working behind the scenes to enslave the planet and make the superheroes look like the bad guys. I also think the shorter number of episodes helped in keeping the animation good. My theory is with less shows, they would have more money to make what they had look really good. Not sure if that’s how it works, but that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

The first episode is called, “Happy New Year,” and that’s a perfect title for it for nothing goes right on this first day of this year, and that vibe continues straight on through to the end of the season/series. If the first season was Star Wars, this second season could be referred to as The Empire Strikes Back of the Young Justice series. It’s much darker and sure the “Evil” gets stopped, but not without sacrifices, and the final episode of Young Justice: Invasion echoes that as well.

Now what we have in episode one are two low-key “Oh, shit” moments. Right in the opening we see the team has gotten bigger. Clayface is being stalked in the sewers by Superboy and Miss Martian and is quickly neutralized. That’s when we see Robin and—“oh, shit!”—new members, Beast Boy (aka Garfield Logan), Bumble Bee (aka Karen Beecher) and Blue Beetle (aka Jamie Reyes), then Miss Martian drops her hood and we see she’s shortened her hair. “Oh, shit!” It was her short hair that got me off the fence as to whether I was going to like this season or not. Generally hero toons don’t really change their characters in any way in further seasons. I have seen something like this done with Bruce Timm’s Justice League series. In the first season Jon Stewart (Green Lantern) was clean-shaven, then when it morphed into Justice League Unlimited they gave him a goatee. Like I said in the review of the first season of Young Justice its little character moments like this that make me love what Timm and Weisman do with these DC characters.

Actually, now that I think about it we do have two “what the fuck?!” moments in this episode, one of them happens right at the close of the prologue when the time stamp pops up before the opening credits roll. What pops up this time under the timestamp is “Five Years Later.” What?! Are you telling me there’s been 5 years from the end of Season One to the opening of this scene in Season Two? I was not expecting that.

“What the fuck?!” moment number two happens right after everyone gets back to Mount Justice and Miss Martian approaches new member Lagoon Boy (aka La’gaan), embraces him and they kiss while Superboy walks nonchalantly by.

Whaaaat?! Superboy and Miss Martian broke up!?

Yeah, that floored me.

Since we’re missing a good chunk of time (5 years), we’re not immediately privy to the dynamics of the team any longer, so what transpires from episode one on out is kind of like a mystery. Things are shown to us, sometimes unbelievable things, that have their origin in that 5-year gap, and then in the next episode, or the one after that, we get an explanation, then the cycle starts all over again, and we’re hit again with another “what the fuck?!” moment. I found this plotting superior to Season One’s in this regard.

Dick Grayson has obviously grown up and become Nightwing, and he’s in charge of the team now. There still is a Robin on the team, but it’s now Tim Drake donning the costume. Other new members are Wonder Girl (aka Cassie Sandsmark), Malcolm “Mal”Duncan/Guardian and Batgirl (aka Barbara Gordon). Have you noticed I left out Aqualad’s name, as well as Kid Flash and Artemis’? The last two have given up being heroes, they now live with each other and are going to college, but as the season goes on both are pulled back into the hero game with a “what the fuck?” impact, which is tied to Aqualad’s disappearance from the team. More on that later though.

So, why is Season Two subtitled, Invasion? Well, as episode #1 continues the YJ team gets a distress call that the United Nations building is under attack. Wonder Girl and Batgirl investigate and stumble upon a godforsaken actual alien invasion when they try, and I do mean try, to stop intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo, from going after Secretary-General Tseng for some odd reason. Once Lobo succeeds in getting his mitts on him we learn Tseng’s body was an artificial construct (ala Men In Black) for an alien that was operating it from inside the head. Lobo takes this little alien in custody and flies off.

Those little aliens are called, Kroloteans, scientist Adam Strange tells the JL and YJ team on their orbiting satellite in an emergency debriefing. Kroloteans travel in packs, which mean if there’s one on Earth, there are others, and I mean a shitload of others. These particular aliens steal tech from other civilizations and incorporate it into their own and they’re using stolen Zeta-beam tech to get to earth and invade. According to Wikipedia, Kroloteans have a darker side than just “tech thieves.” Apparently they like to mess with the evolution of other organisms just to make weapons they can sell. This side of them isn’t present in this particular series, but after learning that I’d love to see them show up in another DC series operating in that arena.

After learning of several bases around the globe and one off world, Nightwing assembles three teams to simultaneously take them out. “Happy New Year” focuses on the Robin/Lagoon Boy/Blue Beetle team, which is hinted as being a soft target attack. They’re not supposed to find much or be in much danger, but once inside this Krolotean base, and hearing from the others who have attacked the other bases, it appears Nightwing unknowingly gave these three a hard target. There are Kroloteans everywhere . . . and with human hostages!

While combating the aliens something interesting happens when they see Blue Beetle in action. Fear, is the best way to describe it and they run away. This Blue Beetle character is an interesting one. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of him before this show. He’s got a great “costume,” which isn’t the conventional duds heroes wear. He reminds me a lot of Japan’s Guyver character, like the Guyver Beetle’s power stem from a genetic link up with an alien device that when activated covers the wearer in “alien armor.”

From the start we know very little of Beetle, just that he looks very cool in his “beetle armor” and that he likes to talk to himself. Yeah, he has secrets even the other heroes don’t know. As the season progresses Blue Beetle ends up being an integral character to the alien invasion and to the humans, and the cause of a couple of good “what the fuck?!” moments.

Episode one ends on a high note as Robin, Beetle and Lagoon Boy manage to save the human captives while blowing the hell out of the Krolotean base. The epilogue, which sets up episode #2, is a quick look at where Zeta Team (Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy and Adam Strange) was dispatched. Remember when I said ‘after learning of several bases around the globe and one off world,’ well, “Happy New Year” concludes with a glimpse of planet Rann.

Mixed in with this entire season are news reports from a Cat Grant (Masasa Moyo) and a G. Gordon Godfrey. Grant is a reporter you’ll see interviewing certain people and doing newscasts about the turmoil happening on Earth. Godfrey is a talk show host who reminded me of Piers Morgan and Rush Limbaugh, who loves to lambaste the heroes when he can for their secrets, sing the praises of the newcomer aliens and in a nice turn of events takes them to task once it’s understood earthlings are being lied to. These two characters add a nice touch of realism to the show.

Here’s how the remaining episodes break down:

2. EARTHLINGS: Zeta Team was sent to Ran because in Season One when Vandal Savage mind controlled 6 Leaguers he sent them into space on a secret mission. They were missing for 16 hours and none of them can remember what they did. Whatever they did there’s an intergalactic warrant out for all Justice League members, so it made sense for the YJ team to be directly involved in destroying the Krolotean base on Rann. No one knows a damn thing about them. Yet.

This episode is pretty straightforward: Superboy, Beast Boy, Miss Martian and Adam Strange rendezvous with an alien scientist and his daughter to get the skinny on where the Krolotean base is. Significant plot point revealed: Superboy was the one who broke up with MM and not the other way around. Later we get a sense of why that happened when she cruelly uses her powers to retard a Krolotean. But she learns what happened to those 6 leaguers and their missing 16 hours. Good action in this one.

3. ALIENATED: This is our first “what the fuck?” episode of the season. Before viewing I recommend watching Season One’s “Downtime” episode again. In this episode we learn Aqualad has chosen the darkside and aligned himself with his father, Black Manta. We also learn in that uncharted 5-year gap his ex Tula (see Downtime ep), aka Aquagirl, had joined the team and somehow gotten killed, particulars of which we never learn. He’s still bitter about this. Miss Martian reveals those 6 leaguers and their missing time were teleported to Rimbor and went on a rampage. This rampage is what drew the attention of Earth to the Kroloteans and one other race. Because of this most of the Justice League decide to head to Rimbor to see if they can make peace.

Also in this episode I had a problem with a decision Batman made. When heading off to investigate the island he tells everyone in the YJ team this is recon only, but once there he knocks out two guards drawing attention to themselves. I immediately thought, holy shit, Batman’s a Krolo! But as the season goes on that’s not even true. So Batman fucked up? Batman doesn’t fuck up like that. An odd moment I still don’t know what to make of.

4. SALVAGE: The A plot here concerns Red Arrow (Roy Harper) and how far he’s fallen since learning he’s a clone. Physically he looks like shit, his abilities are almost that too and he’s ripping off money from the thugs he busts. An intervention occurs with Green Arrow, Nightwing, Wally West, Jim Harper (Roy’s Uncle/clone) and Black Canary but it does no good. The B Plot revolves around Blue Beetle and Superboy trying to stop an Appellaxian Golem that was mysteriously activated by two Intergang members on behalf of a mysterious figure seen with Taskmaster. This mysterious figure is imposing and capable of killing the golem when Beetle and Superboy couldn’t. In this episode we finally learn who Beetle is talking to when he’s seen talking to himself and we get a brief history of the Blue Beetle super hero. In the epilogue we learn in that 5-year gap Roy and Cheshire hooked up, got married, had a kid and then split and she’s returned to help him look for the real Roy Harper with a lead she’s gotten.

5. BENEATH: I thought this was an especially good episode. The A plot involves Beetle’s best friend, Tye Longshadow (aka Apache Chief) running away but getting kidnapped by members of The Light for experimentation purposes by this “mysterious new faction” (see mysterious bad guy from last episode). Beetle tries to find him but runs up against his abusive stepfather at every turn. The B plot is a good one: an all-girl squad is formed using Wonder Girl, Batgirl, Miss Martian and Bumblebee since Queen Bee is involved and her powers work best on dudes. They infiltrate this base in Bialya, do battle with Psimon, Shimmer, Devastation, Mammoth and Icicle, jr.,  and succeed in freeing the human prisoners, but Queen Bee doesn’t care since she has a second shipment to go, and Tye is in it. Really loved the B plot on this one. Good action and great animation.

Tye looks just like the Apache Chief from the 70s Super Friends toon, which is why I had an inkling his super power would eventually make an appearance on the show. Of course, here in YJ he’s been remade with his growing powers a bit more plausible let’s say.

6. BLOODLINES: This was another favorite episode. One of my favorite heroes is Flash, and here in the A Plot we get to see several generations of the hero working together in one reality to stop a villain called, Neutron. But as we learn he’s an unwilling villain connected to that mysterious figure from “Salvage.” Here it’s clear two beings talking in an alien language and monitoring Neutron’s rampage are to blame for his creation. Vernacular speech connects them to the “Salvage” figure. In the B Plot Cheshire and Red Arrow go to Tibet and actually manage to find the real Roy Harper, missing part of an arm, but still alive. This episode sees a new YJ recruit: Impulse, a future relative of the Flash family whose time traveled to the present to fix his future. In the epilogue he’s fixed some of it but not all of it, which means there’s still an event in the offing that’ll destroy Mount Justice and most of the world.

7. DEPTHS: This is “what the fuck?!” episode #2. And it starts right off with Nightwing giving CPR to Artemis who he then declares dead. Whaaaat?! It’s all got a nice twist, giving you a double “what the fuck?” feeling. Artemis re-joins the team and they all end up in battle again with Aqualad, whose new plot is to destroy a launching rocket. He succeeds but he also succeeds in putting a blade through Artemis and killing her. In a brief B plot we learn the particulars of why Superboy broke up with Miss Martian: the abuse of her powers and having a tendency to retard the brains of the bad guys after getting the info she wanted. And then making Superboy forget about it so it wouldn’t worry him. He’s still bitter about that part the most. In the epilogue we learn Aqualad is not evil, but deep under cover in Black Manta’s outfit, and in a flashback we learn how Artemis’ death was a setup to get her out of the picture and into Manta’s outfit alongside Aqualad has bad guy, Tigress. No one but those two, Nightwing and Wally know of this deep cover operation, which will come back to bite them all in the ass big time later on. Whaaaaaaaaaat?!

8. SATISFACTION: This is yet another exception tale. The real Roy Harper confronts his clone and Green Arrow in the hospital. We learn Real Roy is more pissed at GA than he is at the clone that replaced him. More pressing, however, is the need for him to go kill Lex Luthor, who was responsible for his kidnapping and cryogenic sleep. This revenge plot results in one hell of a confrontation in an underground garage between Luthor and his fembot bodyguard. And it even ends unexpectedly, with Luthor giving him a robotic arm to replace his missing limb, not to mention a new persona. Real Roy is now Arsenal. And Arsenal as you’ll come to find out is a double edged sword.

9. DARKEST: This is “what the fuck?!” episode #3. Aqualad is back and eager to prove himself with The Light once again. The last mission (fake death of Artemis) worked for his father, Black Manta, but the rest of The Light needs more. So, what’s a double agent to do but blow up the headquarters of where he used to work? Yeah, that’ll probably do. And so goes Mount Justice. All of it. In an explosion. I mean right down to the ground. In the epilogue we learn from Nightwing this was all planned in part to save Lagoon Boy, but Wally brings up a good point: what if Aqualad is a triple agent? Meanwhile we see Lagoon Boy and Blue Beetle, who was captured in Aqualad’s new mission, finally delivered to these new partners of The Light. Nope, not the Kroloteans.

10. BEFORE THE DAWN: I would call this one more of a reveal episode. First we start off with seeing how Jamie Reyes got the scarab on his back and became Blue Beetle, which he’s been for only 8 months. We then finally see who that mysterious figure was standing in the woods in “Salvage,” and he looks just like Beetle, except evil and black (aka Black Beetle). He’s also got the build of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also revealed is The Reach. An alien race teased throughout the season, till now. They’ve also been on Earth for some time, experimenting with humans and heroes in an attempt to weaponize their meta-gene (aka their super powers). And finally we learn Blue Beetle’s scarab is really an alien device, a weapon of The Reach they want back.

Nightwing raids their underwater base itching to free Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Impulse and Lagoon Boy. Only problem with that is Miss Martian is on the team and Aqualad is in the base. When she encounters him her vengeance for Artemis’ death bubbles up and she retards Aqualad, but learning of his real allegiance in the process. Now, guilt sets in and she’s useless for the rest of the episode, but tells no one else of what she learned. Impulse tells Beetle why he really returned to the past, to prevent him from turning evil and taking over the earth. Our eye candy for this episode is the impressive battle between Blue Beetle and Black Beetle. It reminded me of the Guyver vs. Guyver Zoanoid fight in Guyver: Dark Hero (1994).

11. CORNERED: This new alien race, The Reach, is clever. In the final moments of last episode they went public, introducing themselves to mankind as peaceful explorers, and making the League look like the enemy. This continues in this episode but that’s really the B-plot. The A-plot deviates a bit from the main story, but not by much, since more fallout from that mind-controlled rampage by those 6 leaguers on Rimbor has brought earth to the attention of yet another alien. This one is called, Despero. Apparently, he’s some kind of alien MMA fighter who enjoys seeking out the strongest on alien worlds, kicking their asses and then mounting their heads in his collection. Here he’s up against Captain Marvel, Superboy, Miss Martian (who’s still feeling guilty and thus useless in battle), Mal, Bumblebee and Zatanna. To add insult to injury this huge battle within the Hall Of Justice destroys it. These guys just cannot catch a break.

12. TRUE COLORS: Plots A & B converge nicely in this one. In the opening shrunken down Atom and Bumble Bee try to remove Beetle’s scarab from inside his body but the alien defenses are too strong. Meanwhile Arsenal joins the team for a mission to Lexcorp Farms once they learn Luthor and The Reach are in business together. A mysterious alien additive is discovered being added to a new soft drink going out to the public. Round 2 of Black Beetle vs. everyone, including Blue Beetle again. They get saved by the Green Beetle of Mars; a Martian similar to Martian Manhunter who’s been augmented with a Reach scarab, but he has control over his scarab.

Taskmaster wages war with The Light as he seeks reparations for the death of his daughter, Artemis. They refuse to give him any and he’s replaced with Deathstroke in the organization. His new plan is to kill Black Manta, while Cheshire kills Aqualad.

13. THE FIX: Unexpected developments… Manta hires Psimon to repair Aqualad’s mind. Tigress (aka undercover Artemis) must prevent this or he’ll learn about Lad’s undercover mission. A plan is then hatched to put Psimon out of commission and kidnap Miss Martian to do the work instead, while at the same time trying to figure out how to maintain their ruse and get MM out of their alive. Back home Green Beetle is probed by MM to see if he’s on their side. She seems to think he is. He then proves it by telling the team the additive in The Reach’s drink will make mankind easy to dominate as well as “fixing” Blue Beetle’s scarab so he can be in control rather than the other way around. And it works! Nightwing finally comes clean to Superboy and Lagoon Boy about Aqualad, but Superboy already new from Miss Martian, and neither of them are happy they were kept in the dark, and now Nightwing knows what MM did to Aqualad and why she must have been kidnapped.

14. RUNAWAYS: “what the fuck?!” episode #4: A slight deviation from the main story. This one focuses on the teens The Reach were experimenting with by activating their latent “meta-gene.” Virgil Hawkins, Tye Longshadow, Asami “Sam” Koizumi, and Eduardo “Ed” Dorado Jr., decide they’ve had enough experimenting on, this time at Star Labs, and break out. This is the first ep where we see “Apache Chief’s” new giant form remade. This time as a more plausible astral form Tye can generate and control to a certain extent. Blue Beetle is asked to go retrieve them and he finally reveals who he is to his best friend, Tye.

In the meantime Red Volcano suddenly appears at Star Labs looking for the remains of Amazo the League shipped them. Last time we saw RV was back in the “Humanity” episode of Season One. When Blue throws down with him we start to see something is wrong. Blue is more hardcore, more uncaring as to the collateral damage he could incur during the battle. Later on Lex pays the runaways a visit and we learn he staged all of it to get them out of the labs and hopefully on his payroll. He doesn’t trust The Reach. In a second epilogue we see Blue Beetle is in league with Black Beetle now, and apparently so was Green Beetle. GB’s fiddling with Blue’s scarab made it easy for Jamie’s human side to be suppressed. Now he’s with The Reach 100%.

15: WAR: “what the fuck?!” episode #5: This episode is pivotal in that it ups the stakes further for the remaining season. It also shows yet again more of the “fallout” that Rimbor rampage had as we see yet another ‘alien’ focusing on Earth, this time it’s Mongul. And he has no love for The Reach. A treaty exists that The Reach can only take over a planet if they’re invited, and we all now they tricked the human race into accepting them, which also means no Green Lantern can ever go to that planet. Mongul sees the earth’s control by The Reach to be an impediment to his control of the universe, so his solution is to travel to Earth in his “War World” doomsday weapon, which is an impressive display of alien built hostility, and blow our already deteriorating mudball out of the sky. Not that it’d be much of a loss quite frankly. But that’s just me  Like the title says, War, breaks out between Mongul, Young Justice and the remaining Leaguers. Thank God, the YJ team actually manage to stop him, but in the epilogue we get the ultimate “what the fuck?!” moment when Blue Beetle turns on his comrades, renders them unconscious, and steals the key to the War World for The Reach. That’s right, people, The Reach is now in control of an alien doomsday weapon. That’s not good any way you cut it.

16. COMPLICATIONS: This might be categorized as a mild “what the fuck?!” episode in that we learn Miss Martian has indeed made Aqualad sane again, but she, he and Tigress are pretending he isn’t since they’re always being monitored. To make matters worse Taskmaster and Cheshire have slipped on board, both eager to kill Black Manta and Aqualad. Meanwhile, Blue Beetle gives Nightwing a bullshit and plausible explanation to what happened to the rest of the team and why he didn’t get captured, but this explanation soon falls apart once Nightwing investigates the “scene of the crime” and finds Robin’s birdarang has traces of Blue’s metal on it. And the final scene we see Nightwing putting the pieces together; Blue has been compromised by The Reach, which means Green Beetle is also with them as well. A very good episode with excellent action animation.

17. THE HUNT: The Reach Ambassador shows off Blue Beetle as one of their own, then we move into the meat and potatoes of the plot. Arsenal has been lost and hunted inside the War World by The Reach just as Lex Luthor persuades his “runaways” to infiltrate it, and free the rest of the YJ team. Again Black Beetle makes an appearance and again he outmatches the heroes, but Arsenal has a plan—release Mongul! He’s the only being in the area who’s strength equals Black Beetle and let them fight it out. This works because we all know how much Mongul hates that alien race. The rest of the YJ team is freed, but Arsenal is kicked off the team for not playing well with others. He and the “runaways” take off together and that’s all we ever see of Arsenal, those young heroes until a brief appearance in the last episode.

18. INTERVENTION: Like the title states this episode is an intervention: Blue Beetle’s to be exact and the team is determined to pull him out of The Reaches ass big time. Before that happens this episode picks right up with Mongul and Black Beetle still fighting, but then Green Beetle shows up and they manage to put him back in stasis. We now get an inside look as to how The Reach is puppeteering Blue. Jamie’s human side is suppressed but his thoughts can be heard and replied to through The Reach’s tech at their base ship. The Ambassador simply talks into his “alien microphone” and his words come out of Blue’s mouth. The Scarab’s voice can be heard too and during the “intervention” we see how Jamie tries to reason with the now usurped AI. The intervention does not go down easy as it entails capturing Blue and The Reach’s ambassador is feeling especially murderous this day. What we learned in the “Darkest” episode was The Reach’s tech is vulnerable to magic and sorcery so that’s what the JL team uses to “unmode” the AI from them. This all happens down in Bialya at this temple that was spied briefly in the “Beneath” episode. Zatanna is in charge of the magic at this end and even though it’s a hell of a battle, with Green Beetle showing up, she manages to “unmode” both of their scarabs. Blue is back! In this episode you also get more history of the Blue Beetle hero and how it all linked up to Jamie becoming the newest incarnation. Oh, yeah, and earlier Miss Martian broke up with Lagoon Boy.

19. SUMMIT: Our final two episodes of the season (and the series) and neither disappoint. I will keep spoilers at a minimum for these two. Here The Reach and The Light have a summit where they meet in a secret location underground. Aqualad was put in charge of security on The Light side which sets up the mega double cross that starts out with Tigress getting unmasked and Deathstroke killing her and Aqualad. Whaaaat?! That’s right, or so it seems. I won’t divulge much more than that except to say we also get an unveiling of Vandal Savage’s plan which entailed baiting The Reach into taking interest of Planet Earth….I must not say any more. And, yes, you could also call this “what the fuck?” episode #6.

20. ENDGAME:  In this episode with The Reach partially defeated from “Summit,” they’re endgame is to blow the earth sky high with cleverly placed doomsday devices around the globe. I won’t say much more about this episode either, but know it’s a bittersweet one. The YJ team loses a member, but keep in mind as long as super science and sorcery exist in these shows and the comics no hero or villain ever truly dies. The final scene is Vandal Savage on Apokolips shaking Darkseid’s hands, “Business as usual…”

A perfect setup for a Season Three but as we all know that never happened, which brings me to my next topic: cancellation. I naturally assumed it was low ratings that killed this show off, but then something interesting hit the web. This article here: ‘Warner Bros. Animation Takes Issue With Girls Watching Their Programs’. Read it, you’ll be surprised to learn the show was cancelled because girls were watching the show.

Hey, man, chicks are people, too.

It makes me wonder how reliable high ratings really are when it comes to the success of any kind of TV series? This here proves a simple decision from the brass based on nothing related to ratings killed the show dead. It makes me wonder now why Green Lantern: The Animated Series was cancelled. Were girls watching that one, too?

Back on December 2nd Warner Brothers released the full season of Young Justice: Invasion on blu-ray. There are 2 discs. Half the series is split between them with the extra features being on disc #2.

Video/Audio/Subtitles: 1080p 1.78:1 high definition widescreen—English 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio—English subs only

Video and audio were perfect. Period.

I was a little surprised when it was announced this season’s blu-ray would come with actual extras. Green Lantern and Season One of Young Justice didn’t have anything and I wished they had, but at least we got a few things with this release:

  • Commentary on “Summit” and “Endgame” episodes with Greg Weisman, Brandon Veitti and actors Jason Spisak (Kid Flash) and Stephanie Lemelin (Artemis)
  • Invasion: Behind The Scenes (16:01)

The Behind The Scenes featurette is an interview with Weisman and Veitti taken during production on Season One. Weisman and Veitti talk in generalities about Season Two since they don’t want to spoil one iota of it, but it’s a good interview regardless. The commentaries were good too and I wished every episode had one. Spisak comes off a lot like his Kid Flash persona and both well up when the bittersweet ending comes. I like that Weisman never reveals anything of what he had planned for Season Three, for it shows he’s got some faith Young Justice will make a comeback in the future. He’s got more than me knowing now why it was cancelled. It would mean the mindset at WB would have to change for it to get back on the air and I regrettably lean more on the pessimistic side with that issue. Money is the only thing that would change their mind, as in let’s say both blues and DVD sets of the show suddenly starting selling extraordinarily well. That’s what happened with Family Guy and why it got back on the air. The DVDs consistently sold well. I hope my pessimism is proven wrong, though, some day.



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